Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth from the Gotthard

St Gotthard Pass is the most famous mountain pass in the Swiss Alps and is considered one of the symbols of Switzerland. Often referred to as the Gotthard, it sits on the continental divide between the Adriatic Sea watershed and the North Sea watershed. Most travelers use the 10-mile tunnel 3,000 feet below the pass, but connoisseurs prefer to savor this awesome place, which provides easy access to countless alpine lakes and trails.

Today, with my quintessential aerial ears, I'm calling out from the Gotthard to my native country, the United States of America:

 Happy Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's My Gotcha Day!

First, a bark-out to my special vet Dr. Michelle Ward. She facilitated my adoption by Mom and Dachshund Daddy. We love Dr. Ward.

Second, a bark-out to my grandpa. He first brought me home to meet my fur-sibling Truffle before Mom and Dad had even met me. Grandpa loves me.

With Truffle in Idaho. RIP, Truffle.
With Mom and Grandpa in Idaho

Third, a lick-out to Dachshund Daddy. He provides enrichment and walkies, and Dachshund Daddy is the best dad ever.

Fourth -- I ONLY HAVE FOUR PAWS, PEOPLE! -- I am devoted to my mom. I love her. Truly, I do.
With Mom on Lake Orta, Italy
I've been with my FURever pack since 2011, and I love you, all. Oh, and Happy Canada Day!

Above Lake Como, Italy

Monday, June 29, 2015

Where is Tootsie?

Is that Tootsie?

Oh my dog. It's Tootsie!

Mom's new hat is pawsome. It provides shade while hiking and during naps.

Hike to Lake Salei, Ticino, Switzerland

Sunday, June 28, 2015

#LoveisLove #Equality #LoveWins #Pride2015

Celebrating America.
After pain and tragedy and senseless racial violence, she shines brightly.
So much more work to do. And we are proud of how far we've come.
Plus, Mom and Dad's marriage is a little more real -- now that all can legally marry 
in the United States of America, in all fifty states.

Love is Love and Love is Fine.
#LoveisLove #Equality #LoveWins #Pride2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Adhesive Capsulitis - Shoulder Update

Tootsie's Mom here. I am so relieved to report that my shoulder is doing much better. If you know anyone who has adhesive capsulitis,


For the original post about my challenges with adhesive capsulitis, including information about my treatment(s), please see here.

I am long out of the acute phase, which was debilitating and exceedingly painful. It's actually okay if I'm bumped now. Just a few months ago, a simple nudge would fell me to my knees.

I still have work to do! I need to regain about 15% of my range of motion, to continue going to physical therapy (in an adorable pool located inside a hospital with a view of a vineyard), to continue going to acupuncture, to begin rebuilding my strength, and to continue Tootsie's schedule of unlimited fur therapy.

But just look at my arms raised in the air! Look at that hike!

In addition, I am trying to address my bum R knee and regain overall health. I've had the flu multiple times this past year, and I just had a strep infection. Yikes! Can you say two rounds of heavy-duty antibiotics? Poor body. Poor me.

Not really.

The Husband has been incredible--supportive, loving, patient. I've started doing QiGong (see a cool YouTube video here by Chris Pei). (Please don't tell me to try yoga; I don't like yoga. Tootsie loves downward dog!) And Tootsie... well, you know. It's all about our Tube of Fur.

Thanks for all your good thoughts over this past year. It's been a challenge. There is light.


P.s. During the acute pain phase, no pain killers worked--not even morphine derivatives--but an online course on "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" (MBSR), run by Dave Potter of Palouse Mindfulness, really helped manage my attitude toward my pain, and thus my pain. Potter's free eight-week online course is available here at MBSR online. You may have seen Anderson Cooper's super 60 Minutes coverage of "MBSR," which was started years ago by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Along with acupuncture, MBSR has made all the difference in my recovery, particularly Dave Potter's fantastic course. Thank you, Dave!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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