Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloweener! Hot Dog Hiking!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cousin Bailey

Hi, Cousin Tootsie,

Here's a recent photo!

I've finished my swimming for the season, but I still ask to go in. Soon we'll be able to cross-country ski.

Are you still barking at big dogs? Are you going to bark, bark, bark at me when we see each other next time?

Love from Canada,
Cousin Bailey

Photo credit Brenda.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Susan Saxton D'Aoust: 1939-2010

Hello, All,

Tootsie's Mom here.

As you know, Tootsie's blog was inspired by my mom, Susan Saxton D'Aoust, and is dedicated to her. I reaffirm this dedication on the fourth anniversary of my mother's death.

My mom was the most actualized, the most present, and the most loving person I have had the honor of knowing in my life. She was a truth speaker and sacred seeker.

My mom died four years ago, today. I want to thank my friend Rhoda and my cousin Beth for continuing to send me notes specifically about my mom. Thank you. I want to thank my friend Stacey for remembering the anniversary of both my mom's passing and my brother's passing. Thank you. I want to thank my friend Danna who also lost her mom in the month of October -- and who knows what it is like to lose one's mom. I want to thank my friends from high school who remember my mom as a creative writing teacher and who have written to tell me the ways in which she supported their creativity. Thank you. I want to thank my dad for loving all of us and for loving Mom. And -- for his limericks!

I am so grateful to my husband and to my tube of fur for their love and kindness as I continue to adjust to a world without my mother.

And thank you, fur friends, for your lovely notes to me and to Tootsie over the years. You understand the ways that grief lingers and you have made us feel loved. Fur matters.

I wish that my mom had known our Tootsie.

Sometimes, I like to believe that my mom lives just behind this mountain. Someday, Tootsie and I will meet her there.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

My House (One of Them)

I call this my "Euro House," because I use it for travel on the European continent. I have another soft-sided house that I use for airline travel. If you had told me back in 2010 that I'd be a bicontinental dachshund with my own blog, I never would have believed you!
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