Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flying to My Swiss Home

I just flew with mom from Spokane, Washington to Milan, Italy by way of Minneapolis and Amsterdam.

I did fine on the first flight.  Mom spilled a whole orzo salad in front of my transcontinental house. The smell was fabulous! Mom was so worried about me vomiting from air sickness, but she was the one who made a mess.  She used up all the extra baby wipes she brought for me.

I barked three times on the flight from Minneapolis to The Netherlands.  I don't think anyone but Mom heard my yips, though. Once I got some food and water, I curled up and slept all the way to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam, once we cleared passport control, Mom let me walk -- on leash -- in the airport.  It's a really cool airport.  Lots of planes to places with names you cannot pronounce and have never heard of before.  I had no idea Doha was in Qatar.

We had a four-hour layover, and I was out of my crate except for when we visited the Rijksmuseum inside the airport. Lots of Dutch still life oils of flowers. There was one painting of a little boy in a dress and his little dog looked like a Papillon. I liked that picture a lot!

Should a Papillon puppy be called a Puppyllon? I think so.

Mom slept the entire way from Amsterdam to Milan. The KLM stewardess was super nice and asked me all about myself.  I liked that flight the best. Dad picked us up at Malpensa Airport and drove us to our Swiss home in a rented Smart car.

I finally rode in a car my size!

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