Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Barbapapas

Barbapapa is a pink pear-shaped creature who lives with his wife Barbamama, their seven children, and their dog Lolita. Originally from France, they're very popular in Switzerland, and here's a German language Barbapapa book by the title of "A Day with the Barbapapa Family".

Here's Barbapapa with his wife Barbamama. The scruffy black creature between Barbamama and Lolita is Barbabeau.

Born in Paris in 1970 from the imagination of Annette Tison and her American husband Talus Taylor, the Barbapapas owe their name to the French idiom for cotton candy, barbe à papa, literally daddy's beard. Here's Lolita with Barbabelle. On the left, you can see Barbalib in the water.

Finally, here's Lolita playing with Barbazoo. The blue creature is Barbabright.

To learn more about the Barbapapa family, check out their website!


  1. Love this...never know what the day holds or what I'll learn today! What a great gift idea for a gift for a friend's little girl!! Perfect because her Daddy is Swiss-German too!

  2. We use to watch this cartoons on TV in Canada. I loved them as a kid!

  3. That looks like a very fun book to read.

  4. The characters look very familiar. I was very young in 1970. Maybe I've seen them. Thanks for the heads up on the series.

    Pop over for a chance to win a yummy treat!

  5. I hadn't come across the Barbapapa family before. Thanks for introducing us!

  6. This is new and wonderful! The illustrations look somewhat Seuss like :)


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