Friday, April 12, 2013

More on Île Sainte-Marguerite

Here are Mom and I on the north coast of Sainte-Marguerite, looking across at the stretch of coastline between Cannes and Antibes. It seems like they've managed to develop every single square inch.

Luckily, Sainte-Marguerite has been spared by the uncontrolled urban sprawl that plagues the mainland.

Little sausages like me can come here, enjoy the wind, and not worry about cars.

I could taste the salt in the wind - yummy!

We also stopped by the Fort where the Man in the Iron Mask was held prisoner. His identity was never discovered, but Alexandre Dumas posited he was Louis XIV's twin brother.

At the end of our visit, I retreated to my quarters.

My travel bag is my safe zone, and I never need to be coaxed to waddle into it.

Here I am inside my bag on board the ferry back to Cannes. The green blob next to me is my mom.


Dear Lovable Lily,

Thank you for your questions from our previous post on Sainte-Marguerite!

The ferry ride takes about fifteen minutes. That's it! Each ticket costs about fifteen dollars (US) round trip, but I got on for free.

I'm not sure if the monks do something more than pray. I must ask parents to take me back and to take me to the monk's island to find out.

Keep on wagging, love,


  1. Thank goodness there is one patch of ground down there free from the urban sprawl, You've reminded us why we love NW Scotland's bad weather and midges - a small price to pay to preserves one of Europe's most beautiful AND least developed coastlines.
    Gail and Bertie (heading off to Torridon right now).

  2. It's so beautiful there Tootsie! We just love being on your adventure's with you. And you look so wonderful with the salty breeze blowing thru your furs.

    Thanks for getting back to me about the Ferry ride and the Monk's. We have Monk's near where we live in NY and they do make breads and jams which are really yummy.

    Lily Belle

  3. What a beautiful place to go. Glad this area is spared the urban sprawl.

  4. Oh Tootsie! What a beautiful place for a walkie! You is a lucky pup!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  5. You look like you're ready to fly in some of those pics! You're lucky the wind didn't lift you right off!

  6. That looks like a very cool place. Love your ears!

  7. Agree with Casey, love your ears blowing in the breeze! Maggie is jealous of your travel bag, she wishes she could fit into one. :)

  8. You are so lucky! It looks lovely there! Do you like riding on the ferry???? We think it looks like fun!

  9. The Man in the Iron Mask is a fascinating tail...tale! Looks like the ferry ride was pretty cold...glad your were safe and warm in your carrier. Happy Saturday!

  10. Looks like a very neat place to visit!! What a pretty day you had too.

  11. Hey Green Blob, that made me does Tootsie enjoy the Ferry rides? I'll have to to take Max on the ferry ride in Galveston and see what he thinks. Glad you do have somewhere to go! Thanks for the great pictures! I love to travel via internet blog! That's what I'd really love to be able to!

  12. I'm catching up on your twavels! What an exciting life you lead, Toots. I will never visit Provence, I can tell you that for sure. The Typist says to tell you that the man in the iron mask was Leonardo diCaprio.

  13. Christa taking dictation from BrunoApril 22, 2013 at 7:49 AM

    What an exciting and yummy-salty journey! I do not want to get on an airplane, but I might consider it if my destination was as lovely and interesting as this! Thanks for the travelogue!


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