Monday, April 7, 2014

A Squiwwel from Budapest

Born in North Carolina and raised in New York City, Asta is my wirehair fox terrier fur friend and fellow American expat based in Budapest, Hungary. While in Budapest for a conference, Dachshund Daddy was lucky enough to meet her.

Asta writes a fabulous blog, Asta's World, where she replaces her "r's" with "w's": she wwites like I talk!

DD enjoyed a fun-packed afternoon of sightseeing and a lovely evening of fine dining with Asta and her wonderful parents.

Asta sent me a special present, which Dachshund Daddy brought home from Budapest. I had to look away, because the anticipation was too great.

A squirrel!

Asta gave me a munchy squirrel. A squiwwel!

Dear Asta, thank you so much for this special squirrel. I can't stop munching it.



  1. WE KNOW and LOVE Asta.... she has not posted in AGES and we MISS her somethingy Fierce. Asta is the BESTEST. That is a super pressie. WE are Green with Jellyness that your dad got to meet her in the furs.

  2. Your squirrel looks like a lot of fun ! Angel Loupi loved his flying squirrel too... Purrs, Zorro

  3. Oh Tootsie, I don't know if I am more envious of you for having such a grrrreat present, or of DD for actually having met the wonderful Asta and her Mommi and Daddi in the flesh.
    Asta has not been blogging lately and Gail and I are so pleased to see her picture. We miss her very special personality in blog land.
    Toodle pip!

  4. We love Asta. She is very generous. How lucky for your Dad to meet her...and her pawrents.

    XXXOOo Bella & Roxy

  5. That's so cool that he got to meet Asta, she is such a sweetie

  6. Tootsie
    I loved meeting Dachhund Daddy..he was the nicest to me evew! H gave me scwitchies and belly wubs and kisses and we got to go on the nicest big walk wif him and then the yummie dinnew he tweated us to(which I have to confess, I tasted too). It was wondewful, all except the fact that I didn't get to meet you, but maybe someday. I'm so hlad you lik munching on the squiwwel..he looked vewy munchabull to me. I apologiz to all my deew sweet fwiends in bloggieland fow my absence..i will twy to do bettew soon. Smoochie kisses

  7. Love the name Asta and I will go check out her blog. Super cool squirrel and super nice of Asta to get it for ya.

    Aroo to you,

  8. Hello Tootsie!
    Your daddy must have had great fun meeting Asta, we love to read her bloggie too! Lucky you! That squirrel looks like so much fun, did it smell of Asta?
    Pippa :)

  9. Oh how great! a hungarian squirrel what lives on two continents now, that's so cool! Szervusztok, little Squiwwel! And your dad really met Asta in pawson? That's fantabulous!


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