Monday, August 25, 2014

Thank You

Thank you all so much for your lovely notes and thoughts as we grieve the loss of our beloved Truffle and transition into different days.

We are grateful for your kindness and heartfelt understanding.

Tootsie & Family


  1. I was sad together with you as I read the post about your friend Truffle, it's so hard to say good bye to a wonderful friend. I like the photo of you in the light, it looks as if you are still protected by your big friend Truffle.

  2. You're welcome ((hugs)). You're lovely in your sun puddle ! Purrs

  3. Dearest Tootsie and family,
    We are still thinking about you and your family, and send special hugs to your Grandpa.
    Lots of love,
    Bertie and Gail.
    PS Yesterday in the park we saw two dachshunds who we hadn't met before. Before you could say 'badger hound' Gail was regaling the owner with stories of the exploits of her wee Alpiniste friend Tootsie!


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