Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's Really Ten O'Clock

Nothing helps you put things into perspective as a hike in the mountains. These photos are from a hike in the Val Badia area of the Dolomites (in Italy), which we visited last August.

It is clear from the photo below that the imposing cliffs of Sas dles Diesc, whose name translates to Ten O'Clock Mountain, are roughly the same size as my nose. How's that for perspective?

Val Badia is a trilingual area where people primarily speak a language called Ladin, not to be confused with Latin. They also speak German and Italian, which is why Sas dles Diesc also has a German name (Zehner Spitze, i.e. Ten O'Clock Peak) and an Italian name (Sasso delle Dieci, i.e. Ten O'Clock Rock). In spite of the subtle naming differences, there's a general agreement across the three languages that it's really ten o'clock.

Standing below the Sas dles Diesc cliffs, I kept wondering whether language defines culture, or whether culture defines language. It's a lot for a little dog to ponder, even if her nose is (almost) as big as the cliffs above her.


  1. I never saw such big mountains, but maybe once we will visit them... btw: the color of the mountains fits great with your furs :o)

  2. Those are impressive mountains ! Purrs

  3. Tootsie, what can I say?
    You and the mountains are looking magnificent.
    Toodle pip!


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