Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sundays Are Made for Walkies

On the path along the Naviglio Grande just north of Bernate Ticino, Italy.
The Naviglio Grande is a historic artificial waterway connecting Milan
to the Ticino river and Lake Maggiore. A paved path reserved to
non-motorized users runs along its full length. Dogs must be leashed
at all times due to the intense bike and nutria traffic.


  1. What a perfect moment for walkies! Is this a towpath? You have inspired us (Mr. Bruno and me) to take a morning walk along the shore here in Chicago. Have a beautiful day!

    1. Hi Tootsie!
      Fur some reason we can not leave comments on your blog. The white box opens and we are not allowed to type in it. We have no idea why. This has been happening for a long, long time now and we feel horrible. So today we figured we would try and reply to the above comments so hopefully you can get our message.

      I Lily Belle am doing GREAT! Cancer free and loving life. My skin allergy condition has cleared up and I'm not itching and scratching any more. Now we just have to follow the plan from the Dermatologist to keep it all under control.

      Mommy now has to go in for eye surgery on June 6th. She has a cyst on her lid that has to be cut out. She'll be ok once they are finished with her. Can't believe it's her left eye just like mine was.

      Life in Florida right now is hot, hot, hot! We are only allowed outside for short periods of time because of the heat.

      We've been helping pick tomato's from our garden. Mom said they are really yummy. The best she's ever eaten.

      We're glad to see you're all doing well. thanks for checking in on us.

      Lily Belle

  2. It looks like a lovely place for walks ! Purrs


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