Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Doggy Beach Boys

Today we're taking you to the beaches of Chennai, on the east coast of India. Dachshund Daddy was recently there on a business trip, and had the opportunity to go for a long walk on the beach and photograph some of its doggy residents. Be sure to look below the boat.


Chennai has a very large stray population, but most dogs look very healthy and happy, especially the ones who live on the beach.

They mostly sleep and stare at the ocean during the day, and hunt in packs at night, which is why they need to rest during the day.

Many of them dig holes in the sand to keep cool in the extreme heat and humidity.

They also enjoy the ocean breeze.

At some point during his beach walk, a number of dogs got mad at DD for (apparently) no reason at all. We'll tell you all about it next time :)


  1. I wish all doggy beach boys the best... that they only meet nice people and never a hooligan... and that Neptune throws some fishies on the beach for a seafood breakfast efurry morning :O)

  2. Did your dad smell funny ? Can't wait to know the reason ! Purrs

  3. Some dogs got mad at Dachshund Daddy?
    But Gail says that is completely unimaginable.


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