Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Bouncy Doggy Godson

I'm having a great time with my doggy godson Sir Bertie and I would like to share with you some of the reasons why this visit is totally wotten waven.

1. Watching him dog around Casa Burrow makes our day brighter and better.

2. My daily cuddle share has not been curtailed as a result of his presence.

3. His Mom, Gail, treated us to dinner! Look to the right and you'll see my mobile home, which looks like a black pet carrier.

4. I get to teach Bertie how to burrow.

5. I get to show Bertie and Gail some of our special places, like Belvedere Zucoli near Agra, Italy. The big lake behind us is Lake Maggiore.

I have one concern: I'm Bertie's doggy godmother, but I haven't taken him to church. Should I worry?

Thank you, Gail, for making the trek from Scotland to Switzerland.

Dear Readers: Be sure to visit Bertie's blog!


  1. We think you showed him the world and that is what a good godmother does - it doesn't have to be location specific.

  2. Looks like efurry and non furry ones are having a blast!!

  3. I'm sure you are a super tour guide... it's great to see this famous lake, we only know the song about the lago maggiore and it is as beautiful as Vicky Leandros said in the lyrics :o)

  4. How wonderful for Bertie and Tootsie to pal around together! They are such good pups. I hope the people had as good a time as the pooches--definitely seems so, as it should be. Thanks for sharing the little adventures. Wags and hugs from Bruno and his mama Christa in Chicago

  5. Well, you know GOD spelled backwards is DOG, so I think if you're taking him on lots of doggy things that is okay instead of church!

  6. Dear Doggy Godmother, I am so thrilled to be here and have the opportunity to learn all about life in Switzerland from you. But about this church thing Tootsie. It occurs to me we are in a Catholic part of the country. So does this mean I will have to go to confession? If so, then we may need to allow a few hours as I have quite a few things I need to get off my chest.....
    Toodle pip!
    Bertie, your loving godson.

  7. It looks like everyone had great time ! We are glad to have met Bertie thanks to you ! Purrs

  8. Aww looks like you guys had a great time!! Awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing with us :)


  9. So much fun! I love that the pups can go with you in restaurants!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble


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