Sunday, December 24, 2017

Buone Feste e Tanti Auguri!

We're sending all our friends wishes for a happy holiday and lots of love for the New Year!

We'd like to send out a special note to our friends who have lost loved ones just recently; we're thinking of you.

Tootsie was feeling better after the series of seizures she had this fall, but now she's having trouble with her tummy. She's on meds--it seems we've entered Senior Dachshund Living. So we've been preparing for the holidays by napping while snuggled under our favorite blankie from special Idaho vet Dr. Ward. (Note what my poet friend calls Tootsie's "pull-tab" tongue.)

We are able to go on our walkies, and here is a photograph of Tootsie waiting for me on her bright green Christmas mat. [Her coat is by Dachshund Delights.]

We also celebrated Hanukkah. Tootsie wore her snazzy Snap-a-danna [from Dachshund Delights, of course]. Way back in the day, my human mom always made sure I understood that this season was a time of celebration by many, in many different ways. I'm so grateful to her.

From our family to yours, may peace be your guiding light.

Renee, Tootsie, and Dachshund Daddy


  1. We send you tons of purrs, Tootsie, and we hope you feel better soon ! Happy Holidays ! Purrs

  2. Dear Tootsie and family, Gail and I are hoping you all had a Merry Christmas AND a Happy Hanukkah and we wish you all the best for the Senior Dachshund living phase of life.
    Toodle pip!
    Your loving godson Bertie.


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