Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sit / Stay / Read

It's almost time for the holidays, and guess what we want to do for all the days and nights?

We're happy to say "hi" and to share that all is going well. Tootsie wants to report that she feels the cold as a senior tube of fur, but her waddles still take her places. (And Dachshund Daddy does a fair bit of carrying.) Our vet Dr. Pozzi at Centro Veterinario Scairolo is amazing--he's incredible with little dogs. And, really, what would we all do without the littles? 🐾🐾

Renee, Tootsie, and Dachshund Daddy


  1. We're glad to have some news, Tootsie ! Stay warm, Happy Holidays ! Purrs

  2. Hi Tootsie...I've been missing you. Wish you could just come and stay with me. You'd love the nice warm Florida weather here where I live. You could lay in sun puddles every day.


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