Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Angel Tootsie

Dear Hearts and Kindred Spirits,

At 1:30 pm on April 20, 2020, Tootsie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our Tube of Fur has been the center of our family for almost nine years, ever since we were blessed enough to adopt her on July 1, 2011. We will be eternally grateful to Dr Michelle Ward for connecting Tootsie with our family back then.

Our sweet Tootsie and her special unicorn friend in November 2019

After spending the summer in the Pacific Northwest, Tootsie traveled to Switzerland with her mom for the first time in September 2011. That's when she became a Bicontinental Dachshund. She landed in Milan on September 5 and traveled to Switzerland in a rental Smart car. During a stopover in the northern Italy town of Cadrezzate, she experienced her first Eurowalk on the shores of Lake Monate, where she exercised her First Amendment rights (bestowed upon her by her country of origin) to respond to four large resident dogs who were barking like crazy at her from their fenced yard. Three days later, she started this blog. 

Our incredible Tootsie and her mom engaging in flight practice in the Swiss Alps

Tootsie has been the center of our lives ever since she joined our family. We have done our best to give her the best life possible, but she's done much more than that for us.

Our precious Tootsie exploring the Appennines in November 2011

We owe our deepest debt of gratitude to Dr Claudio Pozzi and his team at Centro Veterinario Scairolo. Emma was a deeply special friend of Tootsie's during several hospitalizations. Thanks to Dr. Pozzi's amazing, compassionate, clinical care, Tootsie was able to overcome a major health crisis in October 2017 and stay with us as long as possible.

Her physical tube of fur has left us, but she will always be with us, deep in our hearts.

Our amazing Tootsie waddling on the beach in Tuscany in November 2011

Senior Tootsie at the top of Monte Sassalto in Southern Switzerland in 2020
Fly free, Angel Tootsie. The pain from losing you is even more unbearable than we expected. Our hearts are shattered. You are our everything.

Love forever,
Mom and Dachshund Daddy


  1. our tears are running like crazy... hugs to you... there are no words to describe the emptiness we feel now...

  2. Bertie is heartbroken to hear of the loss of his beloved doggy godmother. He has such happy memories of his visit in 2016, when he saw for himself (as did Gail) what wonderful life she was living with her loving and caring humans. Gail will remember in particular Tootsie's beautiful, expressive face, so full of personality and affection.
    Rest in Peace darling Tootsie.
    And ever more love and hugs to Renée and Daniele.

  3. Oh, this just breaks our hearts! Momma said Tootsie was very special to her as one of Casey's furst blogging buddies, and she always loved reading about Tootsie's adventures. We're so very sorry to hear she's left us.

  4. We are so very sorry for your loss and we are also sorry that we never got to meet Tootsie. Hugs to all of you who loved this beautiful girl♥ Godspeed Tootsie♥

  5. We're in tears, we're so, so sorry for the loss of your sweet Tootsie. We send you comforting purrs and gentle headbonks. Purrs and hugs

  6. Dear Mom and Dad of Tootsie and Angel Tootsie
    I didn't know you well only thru Bertie. However having been owned my a mighty mini dachshund I do know this:
    You never ever let being vertically challenged keep you from being adventurous...Those sweet feet step a gazillion steps with mach dach speed, I'm sure.
    Run Free Tootsie and my sympathies your your people.
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. I can't..... I don't want to believe it..... I'm scrounging around my computer trying to find your e-mail and I can't find it. I'm crying a million tears for you right now. I know you know, just how I am feeling right now. I am totally heartbroken for you. I just know my girl, and you can bet that Lily was right there greeting her best buddy Tootsie to the Bridge. I take some comfort in knowing they are together. It's such a huge change in life. I am here for you. (

    Tootsie, I am going to miss all of your wonderful adventures and seeing your beautiful face. Rest easy sweet friend. It's your turn to be young again and free from pain. Go eat those cheeseburgers, lay in the beautiful sun all day and romp and play with your friends, Lily and Muffin. Give them a kiss from me. Love you Tootsie. Auf Wiedersehn.

    Kim & Rolf

  8. First shock and then tears. I just can't believe that Tootsie has started on her journey to the Bridge. I know that Amber was at the gate to welcome her and now they have finally met and become super furiends. You have so many wonderful memories of all your travels with Tootsie. Keep those memories in your heart and pull one out every time you feel the tears coming. The good memories will get you through. Run young and pain-free through the meadows of Rainbow Bridge, sweet Tootsie. I am so sorry for this terrible loss.

  9. Thinking of you at this difficult time. Run free sweet girl.

  10. We're so sorry to hear that Tootsie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It was always fun to read about her adventure hiking in Europe. Our paws are crossed for her mom and dad.

  11. We are so sorry to read this sad news. Thank you for loving Tootsie so much. What a blessing she was to you, and what a blessing you were to her. Sending you all much love, and gentle purrs and prayers.

  12. While we didn't know your precious Tootsie, we saw on the POTP post that she has made he trip to the Rainbow Bridge. We know how very hard it is to say goodbye.....and we know Tootsie had the BEST possible life with you while she was here being a bi-continental girl! We wish you peace and know that Tootsie will forever watch over you forever and a day. Hugs.

    Pam and Teddy too

  13. How we wish we had gotten to know your sweet Tootsie before this sad and sorrowful time ... she was obviously a precious and wonderful little thing ... though not a bit "little" in spirit or spunk! Having just lost our own little Zo barely a week ago, we understand your heart ache and share in your sadness ... may she rest well, may you always be lifted up by so many beautiful memories.
    Ann, Dougie Dog ~ Angel Zoey

  14. So sorry of the loss of your sweet Tootsie. Soft Pawkissen to comfort you🐾😽💞 Fly free beautiful Soul💗

  15. We are sorry to read this, and send purrayers and POTP to all who love her. She is free now to travel to all continents, and reunite with all her friends.

  16. There are too many precious souls we never got to know. And yet I feel your pain, it is so familiar. Im so very sorry you lost your beloved Tootsie.

  17. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. XO


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