Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble, Gobble; Nap, Nap

Happy Thanksgiving!

In Switzerland, it's hard to find a whole turkey to roast, and there are no cranberries either. So Mom and Dad are going to eat schnitzel and fries. I'll eat my same Dr. Hill's Science Plan kibble, which I like very much. After our walk around the cow pasture, I plan to take lots of naps.

Today, I give thanks to all the people who have taken such good care of me and who continue to love me. I want to give a special bark-out to Pet Mobile and my vet Dr. Ward, whom I love deeply and truly. Thank you for giving me a new leash on life.


  1. Happy gobble-gobble day from the States, Tootsie and family! Some turkey giblets will be making their way to the welcoming jaws of Latka, Bruno, and Olga here in Chicago.

  2. Dear Latka, Bruno, Olga, and your humans,

    We hope you enjoyed those turkey giblets and had a wonderful gobble, gobble day!

    Keep on wagging.



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