Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Village Books is Dog Friendly!

Last night, I attended my first literary reading at Village Books in Fairhaven, Washington. Village Books is dog friendly!

Doggies are welcome to browse titles in the store, to make purchases that support independent booksellers, to curl up in a corner with a book, and to attend literary readings. This reading was the first one in my mom's Body of a Dancer book tour.

There were about forty humans in attendance, which made Mom super excited, and there were about four dogs in attendance, which made me super excited. A human to canine ratio of ten!

I want to thank Village Books for welcoming your four-footed companions, and I know my mom thanks them for all their support, too.


  1. Tootsie, is your mom's book tour taking her/you to Chicago? We have a great independent bookseller in our neighborhood (tho I'm not sure if they're dog-friendly :-( ) and there are several dance studios/companies located near the store. I bet your mom's book is very good because she taught *you* to write so well...

  2. Hi, Christa,

    Thanks so much for your kind words and for asking about Mom's book!

    In 2012, my mom's book tour is taking her to Chicago for a book signing and reading at Women & Children First Books on Thursday, March 8 at 7:30pm. She would love to see you there! What is the name of the bookstore near you?

    Unfortunately, I won't be traveling to Chicago, which really bums me out. Mom would definitely love to meet you. She also says thank you for asking about her readings!

    Please give my best barks to your furkids.

    Keep on wagging!

  3. The neighborhood store is (drum roll please) Women Children First.
    Funny how things work out.
    Tootsie, I'm marking (dog humor!) March 8 on the calendar to meet your mom. I'm sure she will bring more pictures of you for me to enjoy.
    My furkids are wagging even as we speak.

  4. Wotten waven! My mom is totally excited to meet you, and she will bring plenty of pictures. Keep on wagging!


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