Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ten-Day Mark: Tootsie Vet Visit

I had my ten-day mark vet visit today, since ingesting one capsule of naproxen (220mg) over a week ago. Aleve is toxic to dogs.

I wanted to give you an update that I'm feeling pretty good!

The reason I have not given you the all-clear is because we need to have my blood and urine tested again to be sure there is no permanent damage caused by the naproxen (Aleve). Mom collected my urine first thing this morning, and special vet tech Brenda drew my blood today. Dr. Ward sent everything to the lab. When we know those results later this week, we will share them.

But, again, I am feeling better!

Remember: Seek emergency help immediately if your doggy ingests toxins.

Thank you so much for helping me through with your thoughts and prayers and comments. It seems I had internal bleeding, but my vet is pretty sure that has stopped. I'm on medication to prevent an ulcer and other medications, too, all of which I'll stay on until next Sunday.

My fur-brother Truffle shares encouraging words.

Today we've reached the critical ten-day mark. We are not celebrating yet, because Mom and Dad and Grandpa and special vet Dr. Ward want to see the lab results. It seems likely, though, that even if there is permanent damage, we can manage that. My vet says it even seems quite likely I'll be able to return to Dad in Switzerland on schedule next week. Isn't that incredible?!

We're not celebrating yet... because... I started feeling a lot better only yesterday! Still, Mom feels like I've turned a corner; I agree.

Outwardly, I look pretty good, says PET MOBILE special vet Dr. Ward. My eyes are brighter, and I'm kind of perky again. I'm not totally back to my regular self and it still feels too soon to play Frisbee, but things are progressing well.

Fingers crossed.

I've recovered from having three teeth pulled out at once. I've recovered from bladder stone surgery. I've lost weight and am a fit little dog. I now believe I will recover from this, too.

Some of the music I have listened to during my recovery has helped. I want to give a bark-out to Tony Vincent and Justin Hopkins on The Voice, singing "Faithfully." Cee Lo cut both Tony and Justin from the show, which really bummed me out. (I've been watching a fair amount of TV during my recovery!)

Most importantly, I send a bark-out to all of you. Thank you sending me all your blessings. Thank you for all your support. Your paws crossed makes the difference. It means the world to me.

Stay safe out there! Don't eat human pills!

Keep on wagging.


  1. Excellent!! Just EXCELLENT!! I am sure you have turned the corner to perfect health too!!
    Very Good Advice... we should NEVER eat peeps pills.

  2. Looking forward to hearing about a nice clean bill of health butt.....we won't stop crossing our paws until you have that good health report in paw!


  3. We are still thinking about you, but we are glad you were feeling a little better today! :)

  4. Thank you for the update, Tootsie. We will be cautiously optimistic with you, your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and Dr. Ward. AND we will keep on praying and purring for you to get all better.

    We love you, dear friend!

  5. Oh Tootsie that is wonderful news! But you are still in my prayers my friend. I am so happy you are feeling better. But to make sure lay off the Frisbee. Keep getting better.

  6. We hope you keep feeling better. And I am continuing to say my puggy prayers for you,,, and send healing bubbles to you.
    I think about you every day.

  7. I'm glad to hear you are continuing on the road to recovery. Keeping paws and fingers crossed for good test results.

    Cindy & Nina

  8. oh dear...i certainly have been "away" TOO long! I ate a toxic mushroom once and that is why I am NOW a Dog of Faith! Near death will do that! You take care! I hope and pray (paws together) your blood work is all GOOD. I hope to get back into the blog world soon, but L.I.F.E. has been getting in the way.

  9. Tootsie, we'll still keep our paws and fingers crossed; but it sounds like good news.

    The number of times SHE's dropped tablets and we've nearly grabbed them....makes HER feel horrible. SHE'll be much more careful in future.

    XXXoOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    Sorry you've had to go through this, but we've learnt a valuable lesson.

  10. Oh Tootsie, we sure hope everything is all right. That is good news that it has been ten days. We are sending lots of purrs and many woofs. Take care.

  11. We have all of our paws crossed for you and are so glad its ten days and that you are getting better. WE know you are going to get all better and be back to playing in no time. Mom is going to be so careful with pills from now on

    urban hounds

  12. Your Momma must be on pins and needles just waiting for that final all clear! How great that you are so much better and can return to see your Daddy next week! We'll be keeping up those positive vibes until you get those test results! Good luck!

  13. I'm so glad you're doing better, my furiend! We've all been crossing our paws for you, and we'll keep them crossed a little bit longer.

  14. Paws continue to be crossed for you Tootsie!!

  15. We are eagerly anticipating frisbee day! :)

  16. Paws also crossed for Tootsie!

  17. Keep that tale wagging! Not only does it send positive vibes but it also gives your body the strength to heal itself.

    You're one tough cookie. Nonetheless, I will add you in my prayers.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  18. Oh I am so happy that you are doing so well! Hip-hip-hooray!!!!!

    I think it was important for you so have some quiet time watching TV and getting some puppy love.

    Sending some hugs your way!
    Ellen Tucker and Stewie


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