Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oregon Coast!

Dear Bouncing Bertie, you were close! Olympic National Park was an excellent guess. As Jessica, Gretel, and Chester surmised, it's the Oregon coast!

An anonymous reader was somewhat critical of my leash. For the record, there are several reasons why my parents keep me leashed on Oregonian beaches:

1. to keep me from harassing racing the birds;
2. to keep me from getting blown away by the wind;
3. to keep me from getting whisked away by the waves;
4. to keep me from eating dead birds or dead fish or anything I can get my jaws on.

Frankly, I think they keep me on leash so they don't get lost.


  1. A beautiful place! We have never been to Oregon. My peeps don't let us off leash either. You just...never know...

  2. That's a great shot. We want to visit there someday.

  3. We did wonder if there were maybe too few trees growing on the rocky sea stacks for Olympic National Park. Now I want to go to Oregon too!
    Toodle pip!

  4. Beautiful place! It's no one's business why you're on a leash!

  5. Love the photos. Made me smile. And I think you are right: it's the peeps that are attached to the leash so they don't get lost or in trouble.

  6. How wonderful ! I would love to visit Oregon one day - we are stuck in hot and sticky London and yearning for a beach!

    Miss Marple :)

  7. It's impawtant to keep your humans on leash for their own safety.


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