Friday, February 28, 2014

Hi-Tech Doggy Monitoring with Dropcam

Is there a new cat in the neighborhood? A squirrel? Is a fellow canine visiting your yard? Get a Dropcam! Aside from live streaming, this spiffy smart web cam offers cloud video storage so you can upload your footage to Dropcam's servers for your later perusal.

My helicopter parents are constantly freaking out about me, and I am concerned about their blood pressure. If we had a Dropcam, this family would stay healthy and, maybe, sane.

Doggy monitoring is one of Dropcam's most common applications, as the adorable photos on their website illustrate.

With its built-in mic and speaker, Dropcam enables doggy parents to engage in two-way talk with their furkids over the Internet. Thanks to its activity recognition capabilities, Dropcam can also generate custom alerts about furry mischief.

To get a better sense of how a Dropcam works, take a look at the Dropcam's live footage from New York City's Ruff Club, a wotten waven daycare center for Big Apple fur citizens. As you watch the Ruff Club doggies engage in a wide array of entertaining activities, count how many times their human caregiver scoops their droppings and disinfects the floor.

Apparently, Dropcam's CEO Greg Duffy came up with the idea of a cloud-based camera as he was trying to figure out whose dog was pooping in his dad's yard. Who knew dog poop could serve as the inspiration for a successful business? One more reason to always scoop it up!


  1. Such a cam is the greatest wish of my mom. Butt I said "Naaah" a Weimaraner needs his privacy. Have a suer friday and be careful while diving your fabulous ride, Tootsie.

  2. That's such a cool idea. BUT I'm not sure I'm entirely sure I want them to know what I'm up to when they're out LOL

  3. We dogs inspire our humans to great heights all the time. But who knew we could do it with poo...BOL!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  4. Dog poop inspires so much! Momma says she wants one of these. I'm not sure if I want her to see all my tricks!

  5. Lady has one of those at work, maybe she should get one for home!

  6. Oh no Tootsie I need my privacy sometimes. Can I contact Edward Snowdog?


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