Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tootsie Tuesdays: Reluctant Angel

Welcome to Tootsie Tuesdays. Today, I am a reluctant angel.

Here's why: I've heard it said that well-behaved women never make history. Bouncing Bertie's Mom and my mom agree; they love this quote.

My concern: Might that be true of dachshund ladies, too? If so, I find myself a reluctant angel because basically I'm a well-behaved dachshund. Yes, I bark at big dogs. Yes, I refuse to go out in the rain. Yes, if I'm left alone, I shiver and have separation anxiety and bark in a high-pitched, sad way. But these are all fairly normal dachshund things, if normal means in this context, not such a big deal in the scheme of the long and short of it all.

So... to really make an impact in this world, is it okay to be sweet, tubular and furry, to have super short legs, and to be cuddly and lovable?

Easy Weimeraner gave me my angel costume, which I love. Thank you, Easy!


  1. Tootsie, I believe we gals can have it all! Yes, we can be angelic, butt also, just to keep it interesting, we can be a little bratty, too!!


  2. Tootsie, Gail and I think the quote only applies to human ladies. In the dachshund lady universe, you are already a legend for sure, and your angel outfit is beautifully understated and just perfect on you.
    Toodle pip!

  3. Of course, we know a few 'tubular' pups and they ALL make an impact on their worlds!

    Can you move in that angel suit? We can't move with clothes on.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  4. Well, barkin at big dogs are part of my everyday routine, so I are pretty sure dat are not too bad.

  5. I don't know about girl thingies but I'm pretty sure you're an angel.

    Aroo to you,

  6. You were certainly an angel to me when I was feeling down!


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