Friday, May 2, 2014

We Miss You, Gail!

Dear Gail,

We miss you! Please give Bertie a wag for me.

Here is a lilac for you--Mom's favorite flower.

Mom would like to share these yummies with you! She bought them in Mouthe the morning we left and we ate them on the shores of Lake Neuchatel on the way back home.

Here's to a great time in the Jura! Welcome to the Source, says the sign below. It's the source of the Doubs River, for those of you who asked.

And for those who asked about the cycling route followed by Gail and Dachshund Daddy: it wasn't the Col de la Faucille, which gets too much motorized traffic, but the Col de Mollendruz, as suggested by your favorite savvy sausage.

All of us


  1. Dear Tootsie and family,
    Oh those yummies look delicious! But I think Bertie is getting a bit bored with hearing about what wonderful time I had in the Jura with you all He is on at me to persuade you to come and visit us in Scotland. Just think, you could climb HIS mountain, which he is generously prepared to share! This afternoon (my day off) we went for a lovely walk along the coastal path south of Aberdeen - very dachshund friendly, I would say.
    Think about it!
    Cheers, Gail (+ affectionate and enthusiastic licks from Bertie).

  2. Yeah, we bet you miss Gail...but not as much as Bertie. Maybe next time he can visit, as well.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  3. Tootsie, has anyone every told you, you have a beautiful snooter?

    Aroo to you,


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