Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Zack's Reply

Dear Tootsie,

Thank you so much for the travelogue of my mom and dad's Euro adventure. I was happy to welcome my dad home with mustache kisses!

It's also super nice to cuddle Mom. She said you get doggie jet lag when you travel between continents; is that true?

I have big news. Since I came home from doggie daycare, I'm able to snuffle in Dad's sock drawer again. Bliss! Do you think Dachshund Daddy would let me snuffle his socks someday?

I know you agree that we have very imPAWtent work as doggies. We help our humans to learn Doggie Buddha mind. My parents have been resting, but I'd like one of them to throw the ball for me!

Do you fetch?

Thanks again for your letter!

Paws forward,


  1. I cross my paws that your dad says yes to the socks :o) Socks are great!

  2. In answering my friends poofy blather
    When he asked of my tastes "which I'd rather"
    saying "I know you don't kvetch,
    "But my dear, do you fetch?"
    - No I certainly don't fetch- BUT I GATHER!


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