Friday, October 30, 2015


Dear Tootsie,

I am awake at three am. My body still thinks it is Switzerland. Or I can no longer sleep without your sweet nose in my face!

The first day of NonfictioNOW Conference was fantastic. It's incredible to see writing friends from workshops and conferences past (write on) / people who have published me (thank you forever) / and people I'm still shy to approach (fangirl). It's fantastic to listen to so many smart-heart humans talk about spiral investigations on the page. It's an epic trek to arrive anywhere in life, just to be, and I'm so glad I'm being here, right now. Art. Make art.

And I'm so glad Paul Bunyan made it to the conference, too.

Please give Dachshund Daddy a smooch for me.

Love always,
Your Mom

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