Thursday, October 22, 2015

#TBT -- First Swiss Hike Ever

This is Tootsie's first Swiss hike back in 2011! And look, she isn't yet wearing her signature harness. On this hike, our little Tootsie's underarms got so raw, because of the chafing from this crappy PetCo harness. I went online and found the handmade Hug-a-Dog harness from Dachshund Delights the next day.

Greina Plateau, Switzerland

And here's our Sassy Tube of Fur from this past summer. She's decked out in her signature "Hold-a-Dog" harness from Dachshund Delights, she's adapted to Swiss life and bicontinental trips back to Idaho, and she's our treasure.


  1. I'm glad you found the perfect hiking-wear for Tootsie :o) I've noticed pressure marks on easys skin too as we used the harness for longer tours, seems we have to look for a better one too :o)

  2. You lead such an exciting life, Tootsie! I love hearing about your adventures.

  3. How cool Tootsie ! You're a pawsome hiking dog ! Purrs

  4. So important to have the right kit!


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