Thursday, January 7, 2016

#tbt My Parental Units

A photo of my parental units from Venice, Italy - four plus years before they adopted me. This was Mom's first time to Venice. Don't they look sweet? (And young?!)


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    1. Hi Tootsie,
      We're droppin in to say hello. But for some reason can not leave a comment so we hopped on to Amber DaWeenie's comment. We don't know why the box for comments no longer pops up for us. We didn't think Amber would mind.

      We've not been around too much, the humans have just been busy but wanted you to know we think of you often.

      And why YES.... Your pawrents even looked wonderful back then.

      Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Shall we really answer your last question ? MOL ! Sweet and lovely memory. Purrs

  3. Lovely photo. Have you ben to Venice Tootsie?

  4. What a cute photo! They look happy and totally in love) That's so great! Best wishes!


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