Thursday, February 11, 2016

What am I dreaming?

As you probably know, sleeping is one of my favorite activities. But do you know what I'm dreaming right now?

Alright, let me give you a hint. Look at the golden ratio between the size of my paw and the size of my snout, which my father calls peppa (a made-up word in Italian that captures the snoutness better than any existing word in any language).

Now you know, don't you? I'm dreaming of walkies!!! Here's me on one of our recent walkies in the Malcantone valley. This is one of our favorite spots, located up above the town of Arosio.

This photo is from about ten days ago. I know what you're thinking... no snow in February? No worries, it finally snowed this past weekend.


  1. That looks like a beautiful place to walk. We understand why you want to dream about it!

  2. You're so cute under your blankie ! Sweet dreams of adventures ! Purrs

  3. Oh that are wonderful dreams.... I hope I can see you soon while visiting your fabulous mountains :o)

  4. Oh Tootsie, darling doggy godmother, you do look unbelievably cute when you are dreaming about walkies.
    Toodle pip!
    PS We have very little snow here. Quite disappointing.


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