Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Dachshund Handbags by Cathy -- Oscar's Creations!

We love Mom's new dachshund purse. It's specifically designed and handmade by Cathy Skinner to fit Mom's (and my) travel needs. Mom is a doxie fashionista!

Cathy has a wonderful Etsy Store called Oscar's Creations. You can find handmade purses ready to purchase or you can pick the material for your purse, and Cathy will design something specially for you. She's fabulous to work with and asks the pawfect questions.

Inside this purse, Mom can fit: her travel-wallet (also designed and made by Cathy; we wrote about it here), her eReader, extra kibble for me, her mini notebook (like me! I'm a mini!), a hankie, and hand sanitizer. There is room for extras, too.

This is a coin purse Cathy designed for Mom. Mom's going to use this one to hold Swiss franc coins.

We have two coin purses, and the second one will be used for Euro coins.

It's lovely to support independent artists who make handmade items. The quality of these is fantastic.

You can find her on Facebook, too: Dachshund Handbags by Cathy.

Here's the link to Cathy's Etsy Store -- Oscar's Creations.

Cathy, Thank you so much for your beautiful work!


  1. What a wonderful purse ! The coin purses are adorable. It's great that it fits purrfectly your mom's needs (and yours as well !). Purrs


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