Monday, June 20, 2016

While the Cat is Away, the Mice Will Play

Dachshund Daddy is attending a conference in Portugal, so Mom is falling apart. Last night, we watched the EuroCup game between Switzerland and France. It was a 0-0 tie & a pawsome game.

Here is the start of the game:

Here is some depressing information about my country of origin and my adopted country:

Here I am watching the Euro Cup game:

Here's the almost-final score -- an excellent result for Switzerland:

Here's some inspiration from Humans of New York:

The reason I say Mom is falling apart is because after the game, Mom binge watched a TV show late into the wee hours of the morning.
I said: This is not a good use of our time, Mom.
She said: It's okay, honey. It's writing research.
I said: But you'll be too tired on Monday to take me on walkies and to do your shoulder exercises.
I'm a wise Tube of Fur.

By the way, Mom's shoulder is healing very well! For the first time in two years, she did downward dog. I gave her some excellent coaching tips on downward dog.



  1. Momma does that Downward Dog thing all the time and complains about it a LOT. I don't know why humans don't listen to our expert advice.

  2. Latka and mama watch lots of European Cup football together. I just sleep through it myself. But it's a pleasant way to share couch time. And we know what you mean about downward dog! Love, your doppelganger, Bruno

  3. Momo watches almost all the games ! Claire doesn't care, but was still happy that Switzerland got 0-0 against France. And we thought that Swiss shirts would have been a lot of fun to shred. Purrs


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