Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Christo's The Floating Piers: Art that Walks You Into the Present Moment

Christo's "The Floating Piers" is art that walks you into the present moment.

We had an extraordinary time at the installation on Lake Iseo. When you walk on the piers, they undulate with you -- or you undulate with them -- and the water motion has a way of making walkies even more profound than usual. And the best part? -- all the people there having so much fun.

Lots of people got stuck in long lines, but it looked like any stress from the wait disappeared once people walked on water. Thanks to Dachshund Daddy, we had a unique approach that saved us lines & stress. We hope that our post with tips about how to visit was helpful to readers.

The Floating Piers has now closed, but Christo is hard at work on two future installations. Cue the wags!

A wonderful segment on the PBS NewsHour -- by Rome-based reporter Christopher Livesay -- will give you the perfect overview. Watch it here.

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