Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July, America

It's quiet here in Switzerland. Lots of time for reflection and reading. No fireworks!

We Americans have a good Constitution!

These are the legs of Lucy, my Gotcha-Day toy. I killed her squeaker in just ten minutes. My Gotcha-Day was July 1st, which is also Canada Day, but my parental units are so lame they didn't post a picture of me. Still they bought me Lucy, so that's nice.

The U.S.A. has certainly made some mistakes, but today, I'm thinking about how Europe would be very different if we hadn't come over to help in WW2. I worry now about Brexit. That seems like a big mistake to me. The European Union is a bureaucratic behemoth, yes, but it succeeded in keeping Europeans from slaughtering each other, as they'd been doing since the fall of the Roman Empire.

Peace to you all. May you find solace inside your heart rather than inside national borders.


  1. Happy Independence Day, Tootsie ! Purrs

  2. Lucy looks like a fun new toy! Happy adoptiversary

  3. Happy Independence Day, Tootsie! Your pics are great!


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