Monday, March 20, 2017

English Storytime with KulturMama!

We are reading at English Storytime with Kulturmama in Thalwil, Switzerland! It's a short program for kidlets. We're going to sing "Itsy bitsy spider" with changed lyrics... "itsy bitsy dachshund." And we might sing "the wheels on the bus go round and round" set to dachshund lyrics... "my dachshund paws go round and round." We'll see.

We're going to read Grandpa's limericks, which he wrote for me. We're going to read Jeff Crosby's Wiener Wolf, my favorite book of all time. And we'll read How Dogs Really Work! by Alan Snow. It's a good manual.

Wish us luck!

P.s. Mom just spent forty-five minutes looking for her special Swiss train day pass. (She had put it in a special place.)


  1. You don't need luck. You'll do pawesome!! Have fun!

  2. Thalwil?
    But I have been through there on the train! Twice!
    Gail says she has been through there on the train dozens of times.
    But neither of us has ever stopped.
    Of course we would have done if we knew we could attend Kulturmama's English Story Time.
    Hope it all went brilliantly.
    Toodle pip!

  3. That sounds like a pawsome event ! Purrs


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