Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Thank You

Dear KulturMama, the Library in Thalwil, and all the kids & parents:

We had such a wonderful time at English Storytime. The library was so sweet to welcome us and to give Tootsie treats. Danke!

We're amazed Tootsie fell asleep during Jeff Crosby's Wiener Wolf--it's her favorite book of all time!--but it was so relaxing being surrounded by amazing kidlets. A special thanks, too, to Grandpa for his Tootsie limericks. Read one, here.

An extra special thank you to KulturMama for all her work. Please sign up for her newsletter--and könig beatty projects--right, here. Marisa König Beatty (aka KulturMama) covers wonderful events in Switzerland, and there's lots of great information. (Swiss Cats -- take a look!)

Tootsie and Renée 


  1. Oh I would love to visit such a fabulos event... and I often sleep in when the mama reads books to me :o)

  2. Well OF COURSE they would give my dear Doggy Godmother treats. Who could resist? And what a privilege for the kidlets and their parents to hear some of Grandpa's unique and wonderful limericks.
    Toodle pip!

  3. That sounds like a pawsome event ! We're glad you could attend, and have great time reading to the kids. Purrs


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