Thursday, May 23, 2013

French Relatives

During our recent trip to Provence, I enjoyed a ten-plus mile hike in the Saint Tropez peninsula. We started at Gigaro, followed the coast to Cap Lardier and Cap Taillat, and hiked back to Gigaro across the hills.

Not only did I enjoy wotten waven ocean views, but I was also lucky enough to run into my long lost French relatives. Meet Jean-Michel and Jean-Maurice on their Sunday walk on a forest road near Col de Collebasse.

Here they're discussing how many generations we'd have to go back to find our most recent common ancestors. I apologize I didn't pose with them. I was too busy looking for their pee spots, so I could pee over them.

And just as we were thinking the day couldn't possibly get any more wotten waven, we also met Coccolin, Bouncing Bertie's French cousin!


  1. You have the best walks/hikes. And always seem to find great friends.

  2. So which was Jean-Michel and which Jean-Maurice?
    And lucky you, getting to meet my distant cousin Coccolin.
    Awesome hike. Did you really walk all 10 plus miles Tootsie?
    Toodle pip!

  3. What a wonderful walk/hike! I love bumping into long, lost pals...don't you?
    *high paws*

  4. Wow, meeting distant relatives is fun!

  5. Oh, such beautiful dogs! You're the most beautiful of all, Tootsie!


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