Monday, May 6, 2013

Swiss Dachshund Club Week: Part I

I took part in the annual spring walk sponsored by the Swiss Dachshund Club and organized by our local Ticino/Graubünden chapter.

Can you imagine approximately 25 Swiss dachshund relatives all gathered in the same place for walkies?

Walkies are a great idea for family reunions, because it's a lot easier to have those awkward conversations with distant relatives while you're walking; you know what I mean, such as when Aunt Betty exclaims, "Just who is Francie the Piebald hump hugging now?"

I'm going to devote this week to my appreciation of the down low and their humans in the Swiss Confederation, so please stay tuned!


  1. Oh Toots, I saw a dachshund convention once in Centennial Park. I tried to say hello and they chased me away, all 2000 of them. You little guys can be very scary.

    Please tell your mama she made The Typist bawl like a baby on the potty (which is where she read her lovely comment). Please also thank her for sharing her personal story. Of all the lessons our humans have to learn, I think acceptance and moving forward may be the hardest. Poor things.

    As for me, I have to accept that I will be going to Camp in 6 days and it will be cold there and I will have no friends and god knows if they will express my anal sacs. But hey ho! Onward we go!

    I don't know if you have had some exciting adventures while I've been away but I will try to catch up as soon as I say hello to more people. Until then, kissy boo! X

  2. What a great day everyone had. Always great to get together with your furends. We have a Dachshund Parade every year in NY that we use to go to. The past two years we've missed it being in FL. There are usually hundreds of us little leggers running around. It's wonderful to see everyone year after year.

    Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Lily Belle

  3. Ha, sounds like a great plan ;) Have a beautiful Monday!

  4. That looks awesome, and very fun. A whole pack of walking weinies.

  5. What a fun time. I am looking forward to seeing more. OH and I LOVE that last photo of you.

  6. You're the cutest one of all, though, Tootsie.

  7. That's a lot of wires! Is it the opposite of here in the USA where you see mostly smooths?

    1. Yes; it is the opposite of the States! Way more wires here, which is the most common. Then longhairs. There was a mini wirehair, but I was the only mini black-and-tan! :)

  8. Such cute pics! Looks like everyone had a great time and it was nice cool weather for walkies. Happy Monday Mischief!

  9. Sometimes mom wishes I was pure Doxie so we could go to all the clubs, but then she remembers that I am a rescue and that is more important! Glad you had fun! Love Dolly

    1. Dear Dolly,

      I'm also a rescue and was welcomed by the Swiss Dachshund Club. There were several other rescue dogs as well.
      It's an inclusive bunch :)


  10. What a great idea to avoid talking to family. Will keep that in mind. Lee and Phod

  11. Tootsie,

    Aunt Betty sounds like a blast!

    Have fun with all your family,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  12. I can! We had about 50 Doxies at our last Adventureweiner Club meetup. I had to start that group myself in order to have lots of Doxie friends to hang out with. It's so cool that you were able to find one where you live.

    Love the cobblestone terrace!


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