Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Swiss Dachshund Club Week: Part II

The meeting place for the 2013 spring walk of the Swiss Dachshund Club was the Betulle Restaurant in the town of Origlio. Origlio is not exactly a sprawling metropolis, but we managed to spend 15 minutes walking around town without finding the place until we finally decided to seek local knowledge.

Sir Galahad didn't know the location, but eventually, we heard the great rising choral barks of my fellow dachshunds and followed the sound.

We caught up with my relatives just as the spring walk was getting started.

The first part of the walk followed the western shore of Lake Origlio...

where a crew of Emergency Medical Technicians were practicing a lake rescue.

It didn't seem like the EMTs needed our help, so we kept on walking in spite of the constant rain and ensuing WBS (Wet Belly Syndrome) for everyone.

Thank you for the great comments and questions after yesterday's post! The Swiss Dachshund Club is inclusive, and I met several fellow rescue doxies.

The most common breed of doxie we see in Switzerland (and so far in Germany, Austria, France, and Italy) is the wirehair. The second most popular is the long hair. Black-and-tans, which you see all the time in the U.S.A., are much less common here. I'm a rescue star!

Stay tuned: Swiss Dachshund Club Week continues tomorrow.


  1. So glad you found the restaurant and all the other little legged guys.
    I have a question for you Tootsie. Do you have a deep, gruff bark? And do the other doxies? I only ask 'cos last week in Nottingham we heard this dog barking. It was a loud, deep boom of a bark. one immediately suspected a big dog. Gail and I were both surprised to discover this noise emanating from a dachshund. A biggish dachshund, granted, but still, you know, on the small side!
    Looking forward to the rest of Swiss Dachshund Club week.
    Toodle pip!

    1. No, I wouldn't say I have a deep bark, and my Swiss relatives didn't either. I think the dachshund you met has been taking acting classes :)

      Keep on wagging,

  2. Look at all those tiny, little leg's prancing around town! We love seeing all of your relatives Tootsie. We're glad that you were able to find the group and join in. We're looking forward to seeing more pictures from your meet-up.

    Lily Belle

  3. Good thing you followed the sound of joyful, let's get walking, barks or you might have missed all the fun.

  4. That looks like a great time Tootsie. Always nice to walk with others.

  5. That looks like so much fun! I need to set up a boxer hike near me.

  6. Christa taking dictation from BrunoMay 7, 2013 at 12:27 PM

    Tootsie, your relatives are super-cute. (But you're cutest because you look just like me!!!! I'm a dachshund, I'm not supposed to be humble...) And it's great there are so many nice dog people in Switzerland, enjoying long walks with their long low companions. The pictures are lovely.
    And my Mum says that during her travels in Denmark, Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic, she saw more wirehairs than any other type. It's a European thing.

    1. Hi, Bruno, Hi, Christa!

      It must be a European thing. It really makes me feel like a star! Bruno -- we are stars! :)

      Hugs, always,

  7. I wish we had something like that here! You're looking so lovely and slim, Tootsie! Is that a Hug-a-Dog harnesses? I love mine, it's black with hot pink trim.

    1. Hi, Nola!

      It is a Hug-a-Dog harness from Dachshund Delights... actually it is a Hold-a-Dog harness, because of the handle on the back. And we had extra clips put on, too, for safety, though the Velcro is incredibly strong. Best harness ever. I never get underarm chaffing!


  8. I need to get a Chi Mix walk going! That looks like it was so much fun!


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