Monday, May 20, 2013

Urovision Song Contest

I would like to thank all my friends who watched my live performance at this year's Urovision Song Contest, where dogs from all over (E)urope get to pee while singing. I chose to sing Dachshund Daddy's hit single "Be Like Yugi", which is why I had to pee like a boy.

Some of you also may have heard of a loosely related event called Eurovision Song Contest, the annual singing competition among representatives of European countries. Here are three fun facts about Eurovision that you may not have heard:

1. The very first edition of Eurovision was held right here in Lugano, Switzerland in 1956; it was also won by Switzerland.
2. The Swiss only managed to win a second time by hiring Céline Dion to sing their song in 1988.
3. The idea for a European singing contest was (of course) copied from Italy and her Sanremo Music Festival.


  1. Excelllent Urovision entry Tootsie. Perfectly in tune with the blurred gender boundaries often evident in the Eurovision contest, if I may say.

    Also, it's clear that today is the day for puns Tootsie. You will see I have used one of yours (with due acknowledegment, of course) on my blog today.

    Toodle pip!

  2. Ha! Love it Tootsie! You have our vote!!!

  3. Hey I sing while I pee sometimes. And I pee like a girl and sing like a boy.

  4. Hee-hee, that's too funny!!

  5. Tootsie,

    That video was super funny - I mean super good - You're Dad's got talent! :)

    I'd never heard of Urovision - Maybe I should have submitted and entry from Cosmo and I when we did synchronized peeing on either side of the tree - did they have any groups? :)

    Big wags,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. Omigoodness! That is TOO funny!


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