Monday, April 30, 2012

Back in Switzerland!

I just flew back to Switzerland with Mom! Thanks to Mom's TLC, I did very well during the three flights. As usual, dad picked us up at the Zurich Airport.

Unlike most airports, the Zurich Airport is very pedestrian-and-dog friendly. As it is directly connected to the Swiss trail network, we were able to go on our first Swiss hike of Spring 2012 before the train ride back home. That's good because I had to pee after three flights!

Our destination was Butzenbüel, a cute little hill across from the pedestrian entrance to the Zurich Airport.

Butzenbüel has tons of grass for me to pee on...

as well as a commanding view of the airport facilities.

In spite of its small size, Butzenbüel offers various hiking trails that can be accessed in less than five minutes from the airport... on foot!

(Hauling Mom's luggage up the hill was not fun, but Dad took care of that.)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Iagro, King of the Brenta Dolomites

Thanks to Dad's photos I recently took you to Mount Bondone, Trento's Hausberg, which offers sweeping views of the famous mountain range known as the Brenta Dolomites.

It turns out that the Brenta Dolomites have their own King.

Meet King Iagro, a mighty trooper whose mission is to boldly go where no dog has gone before.

He has visited every corner of his Kingdom: the Twelve Apostles's Hut, Lake Tovel, Tuckett Pass, the Saddle of the Lady Dwarf (Passo della Nana), and many other magic places.

His parents take pride in his fairness to his subjects and reasonably liberal fiscal policy.

Today, he's ruling his Kingdom from afar.

Your Highness, I hope we'll cross paths someday!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

On Monte Bondone with Gianna and Bianca

Back in February, Dad traveled to the Italian alpine city of Trento, an outdoor mecca with easy access to countless trails and peaks.

Trento is dog-friendly and local canine residents enjoy a very active lifestyle. Meet Gianna, who runs her own doggy wellness program in Trento.

Gianna loves the Monte Bondone area just west of Trento.

Running in the snow is particularly rewarding when you have a view of the Brenta Dolomites.

This time, Gianna plans to climb Monte Cornetto, which translates to Little Horn Mountain.

Meet Bianca, who loves the trails in the Viote plateau below Monte Bondone...

and was particularly interested in Dad's snowshoes.

Bianca agrees that the Trento area is a great place to be a doggie!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tootsie Celebrates Recovery

I did not get into any mischief this weekend. I celebrated my renewed health. I played Frisbee.

But only one fetch. I've been sick, after all, and I want to take things slowly.


I had a little sun therapy.

I wrote thank you notes to my entire vet team to thank each one of them for saving me, including special PET MOBILE vet Dr. Ward, Dr. Bowes at North Idaho Pet Emergency Clinic, Dr. Vogel at Pend Oreille Vet Services, and special tech Brenda. Then I spent quiet time, burrowing.

I woke up to see a work of art by Robens Napolitan, which Mom purchased to celebrate my recovery. (See how you read this painting and then see how reading in different directions changes the meaning.)

Usually, I'm told "to sit"! Seduto, bassotto!


Robens and her husband Tom Kramer are both artists and often collaborate. Check out their mandalas and fantastic other work. I love their "Dogmind Mandala." Robens is also a wonderful poet.

To further celebrate my recovery, Mom got her first pedicure ever and had her stubby little toenails painted. Truffle said he would prefer not to have his nails painted. He's a dog. I would prefer not, too. Just like what Bartleby would say.

My fur brother and I went on walkies. The snow has finally melted enough for us to have Mom take us on our regular loop.

And then we had a slumber party!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tootsie's Blood Work Looks Good!

Breaking news update: my ten-day blood work overall looks good! Yes!

Thank you all for your support!

Mom just talked to special PET MOBILE vet Dr. Ward. My platelet counts are slightly elevated, which is fine, because it indicates extra clotting. I need this because of the past internal bleeding and fighting off an ulcer. But it looks like I've fought off--fought through--the poison. Aleve/naproxen can cause ulcers, liver damage, and kidney failure. It seems my GI tract took the bulk of the insult.

Blood work continued: my potassium levels are slightly elevated. This can sometimes indicate kidney problems; however, in my case, no other numbers are elevated. So it's probably okay and just a result of the trauma and toxic assault I've been through these past ten days.

We will test everything again in a month. It looks like I'm going to be okay. I certainly feel okay! I'm full of vim and vigor this morning!

Thank you all so much for helping me through this. Thank you special vet Dr. Ward. We are overwhelmed with gratitude. Our special reader Christa said she wishes her human doctors were like her vets for her furkids. Mom sure agrees! Dr. Ward is total wotten waven.

Here's a picture of wiener dog balloons that Mom showed me this morning in celebration. What a pack of doxies. Keep on wagging!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ten-Day Mark: Tootsie Vet Visit

I had my ten-day mark vet visit today, since ingesting one capsule of naproxen (220mg) over a week ago. Aleve is toxic to dogs.

I wanted to give you an update that I'm feeling pretty good!

The reason I have not given you the all-clear is because we need to have my blood and urine tested again to be sure there is no permanent damage caused by the naproxen (Aleve). Mom collected my urine first thing this morning, and special vet tech Brenda drew my blood today. Dr. Ward sent everything to the lab. When we know those results later this week, we will share them.

But, again, I am feeling better!

Remember: Seek emergency help immediately if your doggy ingests toxins.

Thank you so much for helping me through with your thoughts and prayers and comments. It seems I had internal bleeding, but my vet is pretty sure that has stopped. I'm on medication to prevent an ulcer and other medications, too, all of which I'll stay on until next Sunday.

My fur-brother Truffle shares encouraging words.

Today we've reached the critical ten-day mark. We are not celebrating yet, because Mom and Dad and Grandpa and special vet Dr. Ward want to see the lab results. It seems likely, though, that even if there is permanent damage, we can manage that. My vet says it even seems quite likely I'll be able to return to Dad in Switzerland on schedule next week. Isn't that incredible?!

We're not celebrating yet... because... I started feeling a lot better only yesterday! Still, Mom feels like I've turned a corner; I agree.

Outwardly, I look pretty good, says PET MOBILE special vet Dr. Ward. My eyes are brighter, and I'm kind of perky again. I'm not totally back to my regular self and it still feels too soon to play Frisbee, but things are progressing well.

Fingers crossed.

I've recovered from having three teeth pulled out at once. I've recovered from bladder stone surgery. I've lost weight and am a fit little dog. I now believe I will recover from this, too.

Some of the music I have listened to during my recovery has helped. I want to give a bark-out to Tony Vincent and Justin Hopkins on The Voice, singing "Faithfully." Cee Lo cut both Tony and Justin from the show, which really bummed me out. (I've been watching a fair amount of TV during my recovery!)

Most importantly, I send a bark-out to all of you. Thank you sending me all your blessings. Thank you for all your support. Your paws crossed makes the difference. It means the world to me.

Stay safe out there! Don't eat human pills!

Keep on wagging.

Wordless Wednesday: Tootsie & Truffle Together

Monday, April 9, 2012

Healing Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. I'm feeling a lot better. We are still keeping our fingers crossed until my next blood work this week. I'm not back to my regular kibble or routine yet, but I'm coming along well. Slow and steady, says Mom.

Remember: Aleve--naproxen--is TOXIC to doggies. Even one pill can land a doggy my size in pet ER and on an IV for days. I can tell you firsthand that it is scary. If you ingest a pill, do not wait for symptoms. Seek medical help immediately.

Thank you for all your wonderful thoughts, comments, and prayers. I had a healing weekend and soaked up all of your loving. I participated in some healing activities that I wanted to share:

I received encouragement from my fur brother Truffle and my mom's God-son.

I took a lot of naps between taking my medicines. Most of my naps were in Mom's arms. Here I am snuggled up in my big chair.

Special vet Dr. Ward suggested sun therapy was a good idea. I even sat outside in the sun, too. I believe in sunbeams.

After nursing encouragement and all your wonderful comments and prayers and good thoughts, I even felt well enough to take a few brief walks with Truffle!

I love Mom's God-son. He has such a positive and beautiful heart; he made us all feel better. 

More updates and details soon. Until then, keep on wagging.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Tootsie Comes Home

Our hearts overflow with your concern. We want to reach the 7-10 mark before we feel relieved. That will be next Monday-Thursday.

This is me, home, with Grandpa's healing hand.

I came home late yesterday afternoon, Thursday, and I’m receiving my nursing care at home now. I’m feeling better, but I am very, very tired. Still, I actually hunted a little last night before I went to sleep.

I want to thank my incredible special vet Dr. Michelle Ward who has done everything for me this week, giving me constant 24/7 care. Dr. Ward says we are doing everything we possibly can to help me. It’s true. Thank you, Dr. Ward. We love you.

I also want to thank my entire vet team who have given me care during this emergency: Dr. Bowes at North Idaho Emergency Pet Care and tech Stefanie; Dr. Vogel and tech assistants at Pend Oreille Veterinary Service; and special tech Brenda. I’ll tell you more details about what Dr. Ward did and about my whole team another time.

Me and Mom on Wednesday. Note my IV tube.
This is me on Wednesday.

Special vet Dr. Ward phoned this morning to let us know that my blood work looks good. Again, we still need to reach the 7-10 day mark. I have transient damage in my GI tract right now, and we are hoping this is not permanent and that there are no other permanent problems. We are hoping nothing shows up in the kidneys. As I wrote earlier, I’ll tell you more details later, so all your humans can learn from this very challenging time.

I’m still receiving meds, and I’m under Mom’s nursing care. I’m eating a few tablespoons of rice and chicken throughout the day between meds.

This is me today, sleeping and healing.

I also want to thank special friend Kim who made us a felt Tootsie dolly with a superpower cape, which the dolly has worn all week. More about Kim’s artistry and gift later.

I also send a dog-gram to my fellow patient--puppy Bentley--who is healing from a broken leg. Hi, Bentley.

Please keep sending your generous thoughts and prayers and love. It makes all the difference. Just think, you can start the week being worried about how much coffee your mom drinks and end the week being grateful for your life.

Life is precious. It’s fragile, too. Be safe out there. Keep wagging. Don't eat human pills.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday Night Update

Dear Hearts and Kindred Spirits,

Tootsie is wagging her way back to health, but she's not out of the woods yet. She is done with her last IV round; at this point, at least half of the naproxen has been flushed out of her system. She's still with Dr. Ward, who's giving her the best possible care.

On Thursday morning, we will draw blood and urine for a full panel; we will have our results by Friday.

Your prayers, healing thoughts, super vibes, and crossed paws are helping; please keep them coming our way.

Here's one more picture of Tootsie and Dr. Ward's furkid Bug from last year, before Tootsie began to bless our lives. Back then, she was recovering from major surgery. Now, she's recovering from naproxen intoxication.

Tootsie, please, keep on healing, and keep on wagging.


Tootsie's Family

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tootsie Update - Please Keep On Praying

Dear Hearts and Kindred Spirits,

Our sweet, sweet Tootsie is hanging in there. She's still with Special Vet Dr. Ward and she's getting the best care in the universe. There have been ups and downs, but she continues to wag, because she loves life.

She will pull through. She has to. She's a trooper.

It's going to take three days to flush half of the naproxen out of her system; we'll be at that point on Wednesday evening Pacific Time. We're hoping and praying there hasn't been any permanent damage to her GI tract and kidneys.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and please be sure to keep your medicines safely stored away, because one caplet is all it took to put Tootsie's life in danger.

This is a picture of Tootsie and Dr. Ward's furkid Bug from last year, when Tootsie lived at Dr. Ward's after her bladder surgery and before we adopted her.

Tootsie, we love you so much!

Wordless Wednesday: Tootsie Please Keep Healing; We Love You

Tootsie Please Keep Healing; We Love You

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prayers Please

Dear Hearts and Kindred Spirits,

We would be so grateful if you would send good thoughts and strong prayers our way.

Last night, Tootsie accidentally ate an Aleve caplet. This is 220mg of Naproxen, which is a toxic dose for doggies her size. Mom feels beyond awful and continues to cry.

The long and short of it: Our special vet Dr. Ward helped us induce vomiting for Tootsie, and at eleven p.m. we drove to North Idaho Emergency Pet Care where Dr. Bowes setup an IV catheter on Tootsie and began to flush her system.

Today Tootsie has vomited five times and the last time looked very bloody, which is very worrisome.

Now Tootsie is with her special vet Dr. Ward for care -- who is monitoring her and continuing to flush her system -- and she is not feeling well at all. Special vet Dr. Ward helped Tootsie find her home with us, and we love Dr. Ward.

Here is a photograph of Tootsie taking a moment's rest in the sun today before going to Dr. Ward's Pet Mobile to hook up to the IV flush again to maintain it overnight and Tuesday and probably longer. You'll notice the bandage on Tootsie's foot where the IV is inserted.

You'll also notice that our special lady does not feel her perky self. Here is Grandpa's hand giving her healing love in the car after vet visit number one.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We appreciate it very much. Mom has not slept and Dad is feeling way too far away and Grandpa is very worried. We all so appreciate your kind thoughts and support and love and prayers. We will update you when we have more information.

Tootsie's Humans & Tootsie, too
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