Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday Plans and a Limerick from Grandpa!

I hope my USA friends, and those celebrating abroad, had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We send love from our house to your house!

Here is a Black Friday limerick that Grandpa wrote:
If “Black Friday” is seen as obscene
By those of more halowt’ed ween
Could we soften it up
With a much lighter touch
For those with more limited means?
And here are my Black Friday plans--a nap with my pull tab out:

Love and all things fur,

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Hello Peaches!

Like my dad, I'm a huge Bryan Adams fan. Bryan is coming to Switzerland in December for his Shine A Light tour and we can't wait! In addition to being a fabulous musician, Bryan is also an advocate for the ethical treatment of animals and a great dog dad. At the end of October, Bryan posted a photo of his fur-kid Peaches to his Instagram account. I'm taking the liberty to post the picture here on my blog so you can all say hi to Peaches! Look how happy he is with his dad. What a sweetie!

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