Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hike 3 of 2019

In the winter this is a hike we do a lot--it's in Suino, Switzerland--so I'll just count it once for our 2019 tally. Not shown to the right of the picture is a valley with several horses and the occasional Scottish cow.

Dog met: Maggie, an eleven-year-old yellow lab who was hoarse from barking so much.

Visual of what the humans ate afterward:


Monday, January 14, 2019

Can You Find Tootsie's Paw?

It's Monday and the start of a new semester... what can we say?

[This is our favorite DreamSack by Dachshund Delights. Best burrow ever.]

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dog Beach, San Vincenzo, Italy

Yes, it's actually called Dog Beach! It's our happy place. We've visited this beach near San Vincenzo, Italy twice, and I really hope we'll visit again.

Cousin Itt came with us to Dog Beach. Cousin Itt is a great traveler and loves to cuddle Tootsie.

Here's a photograph of me (Renée) wearing my gorgeous handspun, handknit Fair Isle tam made by Susan Blackwell Ramsey--a fabulous poet & artist. Ramsey's poetry collection is A Mind Like This (University of Nebraska Press, 2012).

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Hike 2 of 2019

Hike 2 of 2019: Monte Carmo, Liguria. We had a gorgeous view of the Appenines. Dogs met: none, but we saw the turf damage from lots of wild piggy snout action along the trail.

What the humans ate afterward:


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hike 1 of 2019

We have been super inspired by our new friends @fridalou84 (and Baxter, too) who completed the 2018 52 Hike Challenge, so we decided to keep better track of our hikes this year. Tootsie is 13 and as a senior doggy, it's a bit much to set big goals (and, geez, at her age, does she really have to feel the tyranny of New Year's resolutions?); however, since we hike all the time, we will continue to share where we go in 2019. I'm sure Tube of Fur will get carried a lot! I think one parameter of these hikes is that Tube of Fur has to come along and the hike should be a minimum of three miles.

Here is hike #1 of 2019: Passo Gandiolo, Liguria, Italy (in the hills above Genova).

🐾 Dogs met: Bilbo (yes, Baggins is his last name) & Lulu.

There was a fascinating man-made earth structure called a neviera, which was a pit dug into the ground and when it filled with snow, it was used as a freezer. Now it basically looks like a bulldozer took a chunk out of the ground, but the edges of the hole are smooth, and as the picture shows, it used to have a little freezer house on top.

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