Friday, July 31, 2015

When I Travel...

When I travel, I bring my own bed, my DreamSack. I'm wearing my Hold-a-Dog Harness -- also from Dachshund Delights! I'm a Mighty Hiker and a savvy traveler.

When I sleep, my snores fill the room and ring off the mountainsides.

This is Mom's lunch!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mawriage: Six Years!

This is Mom. She is married to Dachshund Daddy.

This is Dachshund Daddy. He is married to Mom.

Sometimes mawriage looks like this.

Sometimes mawriage looks like this.

Before my parents adopted me, their marriage looked like this.

Now, my family looks like this.

With my ears, we go lots of places together.

Always, on July 22nd, we celebrate mawriage. At 28 US bucks, Mom calls it "the best deal around." Dad says, "we should have done it sooner."

I say, "Thanks, Fur Friends, Family, and Humans, for loving my parents and for supporting their union. I do, too."


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mom is Giddy!

Mom is giddy for the following reasons:
1. Her 30th high school reunion is this weekend, which means she has passed "Go" and is somewhere between middle age and wisdom. Well, we're not sure about wisdom. Here's a bark out to all her classmates and their pets! She's super sorry to miss you.

2. Mom couldn't make it to her high school reunion because she needs to keep doing physical therapy for her shoulder and knee. (It's also nine time zones away.)

3. That view. Wow. (And look how well Mom is holding me--her arm is getting better!)

4. There are often carved wooden Swiss Trolls on or near doorways of huts in the Swiss mountains. Mom is practicing for her new position as a Senior Swiss Troll.
 AS FOR ME, I'm just holding down the fort in my little long way.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Morning Cuddles!

The T-shirt and the blankie were given to us by our special vet Dr. Ward. 
Dr. Ward's Mom made the blankie with bones; it's Tootsie's favorite blankie 
and travels back and forth between the USA and Switzerland with us.
Dr. Ward is the reason we're all together as a forever family.
Thank you!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kurgo Car Seat Cover Review!

This Kurgo car seat cover really made me miss my fur brother Truffle. Truffle was a much bigger dog than me (though you know I'm pretty big myself), and this would have been perfect for him. So Grandpa took a photograph with Truff's picture. See how much Truffle would have loved this cover?

This Kurgo car seat is a great piece of equipment. I consider our car my personal DogShip, and this is just the sort of slipcover to keep the seats clean when I jump in with my muddy paws.

The fabric is pawsome and durable.

Like all Kurgo products -- this car seat cover is very well made with all sorts of pockets. Mom and I think the pockets might be for your pet kangaroos.

Kurgo makes lots of awesome pet travel items, too. I use their expandable "Collaps a Bowl" when I travel. And you know I'm a savvy traveler.

Thank you, Kurgo, for making great pet products. Thank you, Grandpa, for helping with these photographs!

Fur disclosure: I received this Kurgo car seat cover in exchange for posting my honest assessment here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth from the Gotthard

St Gotthard Pass is the most famous mountain pass in the Swiss Alps and is considered one of the symbols of Switzerland. Often referred to as the Gotthard, it sits on the continental divide between the Adriatic Sea watershed and the North Sea watershed. Most travelers use the 10-mile tunnel 3,000 feet below the pass, but connoisseurs prefer to savor this awesome place, which provides easy access to countless alpine lakes and trails.

Today, with my quintessential aerial ears, I'm calling out from the Gotthard to my native country, the United States of America:

 Happy Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's My Gotcha Day!

First, a bark-out to my special vet Dr. Michelle Ward. She facilitated my adoption by Mom and Dachshund Daddy. We love Dr. Ward.

Second, a bark-out to my grandpa. He first brought me home to meet my fur-sibling Truffle before Mom and Dad had even met me. Grandpa loves me.

With Truffle in Idaho. RIP, Truffle.
With Mom and Grandpa in Idaho

Third, a lick-out to Dachshund Daddy. He provides enrichment and walkies, and Dachshund Daddy is the best dad ever.

Fourth -- I ONLY HAVE FOUR PAWS, PEOPLE! -- I am devoted to my mom. I love her. Truly, I do.
With Mom on Lake Orta, Italy
I've been with my FURever pack since 2011, and I love you, all. Oh, and Happy Canada Day!

Above Lake Como, Italy

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