Thursday, August 28, 2014

Matterhorn and Friends

By any measure, the Matterhorn is the most famous of all Swiss mountains. Nearby Monte Rosa is much higher, but it's the Matterhorn that made it to Disneyland and got painted on Swiss trains.

For years, Dachshund Daddy ignored Mom's standing request for a hiking trip to Zermatt, the Matterhorn's hometown...

until last weekend, when he went on his own so he could hike to the top of 11,200' Oberrothorn to take photos for his 2015 calendar "Matterhorn and Friends".

Unless you're good friends with the local police, which means you were in kindergarden together, you can't drive to Zermatt.

You need to park in the town down the valley and take the train or catch a cab/minibus/helicopter/golf cart. Dachshund Daddy left the Dogship farther down the valley and rode his bicycle up to Zermatt so he wouldn't have to pay for parking and transportation.

On his way to the top of Oberrothorn, which translates to "upper red horn", DD met a puppy mountaineer named Zippo.

It was a fabulous day, and he took many, many great photos for his new calendar.

He also made a whole bunch of new friends who wanted to spend more time with him.

 "Matterhorn and Friends" is already available from my Zazzle store if you would like to bring the Swiss Alps to your living room. Before you ask… yes, both Zippo and the sheep made it into the calendar.

"Matterhorn and Friends" Swiss Alps 2015 Calendar

Monday, August 25, 2014

Thank You

Thank you all so much for your lovely notes and thoughts as we grieve the loss of our beloved Truffle and transition into different days.

We are grateful for your kindness and heartfelt understanding.

Tootsie & Family

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Good Memories: Truffle & Tootsie

A photo of me and Truff from last summer. Big hound. Little hound.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Honey Badger

Mom got me a video from the library. She thought it might help give me a respite from processing losing Truffle. We watched the video together, and I could smell wild animals.

There were lots of excellent sounds in the video, particularly the hyenas. Their sounds make me shake.

Dachshund Daddy is back at work in Switzerland, but Mom and I are here in Idaho for another week. Dachshund Daddy didn't really believe Mom when she told him she got me a special video from the local library.

Did you know that honey badgers are not badgers at all but are weasels? They live in South Africa, and they are "masters of mayhem"!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Beloved Truffle

Dear Hearts and Kindred Spirits,

On the morning of July 30, our beloved Truffle crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. As our very special vet Dr. Ward helped him peacefully transition, Truffle was surrounded by his loving family: Mom, Tootsie, Dachshund Daddy, and Grandpa.

Truffle's earthly remains are planted in our Idaho garden. His green collar is clipped on the fence. In death, he joins beloved doggies: Terra, Max, Brycie, Keisha, and Daisy. Truffle's memorial service included a reading of Mark Strand's great dog poems. Here's a link to Strand's "Great Dog Poem #2." Mom substituted the name "Rex" with "Truff."

Our loyal, lovely, faithful Truffle lived a long, rewarding life. In 2001, when he was about two years of age and his name was Robert Moose, he was adopted by Grandma and joined fur-siblings Max, Bryce, and Keisha. Over the years, he grew very close to Mom and Keisha. Keisha and Truffle loved to French kiss.

In the fall of 2006, Mom took Truffle on a road trip across the country, all the way to Bar Harbor, Maine, and back to Idaho.

In his thirteen year tenure at the family home in Antelope Valley, Truffle had to watch all his friends leave, including young Daisy, whose premature death after an ill-fated encounter with a moose left the whole family broken-hearted.

Thank you, Truffle, for being our faithful friend and my fur-brother. Thank you for welcoming me to the family.

Mom's note: The day before we helped Truff pass over, Truff howled inconsolably--from pain or confusion. While Truff could howl a hound's lament, this was something quite different. Grandpa, who was his best friend these past years, knew it was time. We didn't want Truffle to suffer. I sat with Truffle on the couch and heard, very clearly, in my brain, "It's time." I have heard all my dogs say this to me, at the end, before their transition. 

After Truffle passed, Tootsie walked close to him and cuddled up next to him, putting her short leg on his haunch.

Here is Professor Emeritus Truffle on the couch.

We wish to thank our special vet Dr. Michelle Ward who provided graceful, compassionate care to us in our time of need. Thank you.

Love to all,

Tootsie and Family

P.s.: You can read more about Truffle's life in this very special post written by Mom in 2010.
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