Thursday, July 1, 2021

Gotcha Day Anniversary

Ten years ago to this day, Tootsie waddled into our lives and changed our hearts forever. Our hearts expanded to include this lowdown tube of fur who was fierce and funny and obsessed with food, walkies, and cuddles.

Our first photograph together:


Dachshund Daddy promised Tootsie that he would carry her on walkies in her senior years. "One day, I will carry you everywhere." And he did. People in our town still think of us as the couple who carried their little dog everywhere.

When Tootsie passed away last year, two months into the global pandemic, our hearts were broken. They still are. To be a dog-less dog person is to know that you are less of yourself, for a time, but that you have been made a better self by your pup.

Dearest Tootsie, we send you all our love in the Great Beyond today on your Gotcha Day anniversary. And we send all our love to you, our friends.

Stay safe out there. It's a wild world.


Renée & Dachshund Daddy


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