Monday, November 7, 2011

Green Dachshund

Johann from Raise a Green Dog recently shared a set of dog hiking tips. Thank you, Johann, for such an insightful post!

Because I'm a green dachshund, I would like to revisit Johann’s tips and respond from my own long and short experience. I am going to use Johann’s original questions to prompt my answers.

1. Are you and your dog ready?

It is imperative to start with little walkies and gently build us up to longer hikes. I’m long, but I’m also short. Fitness training is essential for wienies. Before Mom adopted me, I was a fat little dog. I’ve turned into a fit little dog thanks to Mom’s gradual hiking program. How did I go from fat to fit? Gradually and gently. With one exception: the Swiss tundra Greina hike was way too long. I mutinied.

2. Pack it up!

In Johann’s words, "Some dogs are suited for carrying packs, and some aren't". I’m not! Check out my long back!

3. Leash up!

I cannot control my nose, especially around wild animals and the abundant marmots in the Swiss Alps that are often bigger than me. And I don’t want to get in trouble with bigger dogs that may be off leash. Not to mention that I still don’t really understand that cars (and trains) are dangerous. My parents keep me on a leash as a general rule, but do make a few exceptions when it is reasonably safe. For example, I got to play off-leash at the beach recently. The problem is that 'reasonably safe' is a furry concept. As a case in point, I was off leash when we ran into a viper near Passo Vivione.

4. Keep hydrated!

My parents and I are still working on this one. I often refuse to drink the water my parents offer me on hikes, even though they bring my own water and my own travel bowl. But then I drink lots when we get back home, and I have to wizz late at night. What’s a hot dog to do?

5. Snacks!


6. Pick up the doo!

Mom and Dad always do pick up the doo: as I get on with my pooping, they get busy with the scooping.

7. Watch the temps and the weather!

Dad and I are great big fans of MeteoSuisse, but we still face challenges from time to time.

8. Those enticing waters!

Mom agrees with Johann: one should always avoid unfamiliar water sources. Dad claims that water sources in the Alps are generally safe. Mom says that I have a delicate tummy. Dad says I’m tougher than I look. Mom says we should always bring my water. Dad always carries my water.

9. Take breaks!

Take naps!

10. Check the pads!

Thanks for pointing this out, Johann. Mom has been looking for specially-made dachshund booties.

11. Body check!

Very important tip, Johann. Lots of ticks in Northern and Western Switzerland. Luckily, Lyme disease is not a concern where we live in Southern Switzerland.

As a final note, I also appreciate a rub-down at the end of the day and a blanket under which I can burrow.

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