Monday, July 9, 2012

Swiss Benches

There is an endless supply of benches along Swiss hiking trails.

To humans, they're just benches. To dogs, they are trailside buffets.

As a general rule, I recommend an exhaustive search of the entire bench area for scraps of food. Statistically, the area below the bench offers the highest payoff.

Prior to engaging in a systematic search, it is best to divert your parents' attention. To this end, encourage them to sit on benches that offer scenic views, like this one outside of Stierva in Canton Graubünden.

It is no coincidence that my parents refer to me as a Hoover. Sometimes Dad calls me Herbert, or even Edgar.


  1. Pretty awesome view from the restaurant, er... I mean bench. I bet you found lot's of good crumbs up there.

    Lily Belle

  2. This is very insightful advice. One of which I will take to heart.

  3. How ingenious of you Tootsie! Great plan! :)

  4. Tootsie,
    My Misty has these suggestions memorized. She also is occasionally referred to as Hoover... She also suggests under the kitchen table when there are children visiting!

    Tanya Narzt

  5. Tootsie, you are a clever one, aren't you? :)

  6. We are all over the bench cleanup too. Someone has to clean up after the humans.....right?

  7. I just loves all of your beautiful mountain pictures. I gets a little tired when I does too many hikings - it is a lot of work to get from one side of my street to the other. But now that I see there is foodstuffs involved, I will try to get Mama to take me next time!

  8. Good to know because I think we are going to need a lot of benches when we come hike in Switzerland :) We'll leave the magic snackies to you though. Ha, ha.

  9. Great tip! Hoover is such a great nickname too. Whenever I say hoover to refer to vacuuming, my bf laughs at how English I sound.

    You're the cutest Hoover I have ever seen :)

    I'll be back,

  10. I don't think my boys have read the statistics yet on food rewards below the bench. Hopefully they don't get ahold of that report. Great pics!

    Have a great week!

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