Monday, September 16, 2013

On the Footsteps of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Part Two

If you missed Part One, suffice it to say that Dachshund Daddy and I hiked from Davos to Arosa to retrace Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary ski trip in 1895. There's no snow in September, so we did it without skis.

Here I am at 8200+ feet, taking a nap at Schwifurgga Pass between Davos and Arosa.

I woke up to discover marmots everywhere! An amazing high elevation Swiss buffet!

Of course, Dachshund Daddy kept me on leash the whole time and no rodents were harmed by the author of this post. Here we are approaching the hamlet of Tieja. Don't I look like I know where I'm going?

Just like Sir Conan Doyle, I received a warm welcome upon my arrival in the Arosa area. A surprise barkaholic party was thrown in my honor at Furgaalp.

Even the resident piggie was impressed that I had just hiked over 10 miles and climbed 4000 vertical feet!

After the party we covered the short distance to Arosa proper. Does this sign mean that only schnauzers need to be leashed?

Dachshund Daddy and I stayed at super-dog-friendly Hotel Touring, which will be described in a dedicated post. For now, here's a photo of me at dinner.

Describing his ski trip from Davos to Arosa in an essay published in The Strand, Sir Conan Doyle wrote that "it was glorious to whizz along in this easy fashion."

I've never skied, but I sure did a lot of whizzing along as we retraced his steps. Gotta cover all those pee spots!


  1. Can't believe you weren't let loose on those marmots Tootsie!
    And yes, I agree that the dogs on leads sign does appear to be breed specific. Thankfully, I note the stand-up ears which assure me it can't possibly refer to wire-haired fox terriers.
    Toodle pip!

  2. What a lot of fun you've had! I love the pig. And I wish you'd been let loose with the marmots. How disappointing. My own dog caught and killed a rat this weekend. Doesn't your daddy know that Dachshunds are rat killers? He needs to let you do your job. ;)

  3. Wow, what a fun trip! I'm as impressed with the piggie with your hiking skills.

  4. Is a marmot like a squirrel? If yes, of course you should be chasing them off your path...This is a remarkable hike and one you should be rightuflly proud of...You are truly a grand Adventure Dog!

  5. That looks like such a fun adventure, Tootsie! And you even made some new friends. :)

  6. You really hiked 10 miles?? Tootsie, you ARE amazing!! That is such beautiful country side. We're glad you got to spend some quality time with your Dad.

    Lily Belle & Muffin


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