Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mannlibode Q&A

Thank you for the great questions you asked about my hike. In today's post, I'll try to answer some of them.

Sweet William the Scot: Can you see your home from way up there at 3700 vertical feet?

Tootsie: Not my home, which is three hours away, but I could see our Walliser Sonne Hotel down below. For the record: we climbed 3700 feet, but the summit elevation is 8000 feet above sea level.

Lady Vicki: I wonder how the avalanche barriers work.

Tootsie: Avalanche barriers keep avalanches from breaking away by physically holding back the snow. This also prevents the snow's various layers, which build up over a season, from sliding down on top of each other. This specific kind of avalanche barrier is called a snow rake.

Lady Vicki: [Was] it nearly lunchtime?

Tootsie: No, it was already dinner time!

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady: Do you feel the difference in the oxygen up there?

Tootsie: Not at that elevation (8000 feet above sea level), but I start feeling it if we go just a little higher (10,000 feet and above). But Mom says, "By golly, I sure felt it!"

Snoopy: Did you really climb all that way?

Tootsie: Yes! Dachshund Daddy picked me up whenever he sensed an objective dachshund hazard, but that mostly happened on the downhill side. For example, on the way down, Dachshund Daddy didn't let me jump down off steep rocks.

The Wieners (and their mom): We'd care about other things, like the smells, searching for critters, and of course finding some kind of foodables.

Tootsie: Spot on! There were countless smells from a wide array of critters and many burrows to investigate. I even tracked a mouse, though I didn't realize it was a mouse. (Mom saw it run away.)

Unfortunately, marmots were nowhere to be seen. Too late in the season?

As for foodables, I've become a big fan of Swiss huckleberries. Mom used to feed me some, and by watching her, I learned how to bite the berries off bushes all on my own!


  1. Oh Thank you Tootsie, so simple when you know how and very very clever.

    You look like you could be singing The Sound of Music in the 4th picture, my mums favourite film by the way.

  2. Well, I obviously missed the post about this hike but this was a great recap. The view from the mountains is just gorgeous. You are so lucky to get to go up there and hunt around for critters!
    *high paws*

  3. Glad Daddy carries you over rocks so you don't scratch that low belly. I know I would not make it, he would have to carry me all the way back to the hotel, which is even on the other side of the highway.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Oh wow...did your legs ever get tired? That seems like a lot of hiking! The pictures are priceless and breath-taking!

  5. Thanks for answering all those questions, it was nice to hear more about your hike! Lee and Phod and their Lady who would feel the oxygen changes too!

  6. That place looks like so much fun, and also very beautiful!!


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