Monday, February 17, 2014

International Scoops

Italians do not appreciate conciseness, as their poopy signage clearly indicates. Just take a look at this specimen from the town of Agra, nestled on top of a hill overlooking Lake Maggiore.

Literal translation: "[Dogs] may not circulate unless on leash, muzzled, and equipped with dedicated means for the removal of possible feces - Article 27/28 of the Regulations of the City Police for the decorum and safety of citizens".

Seriously?! All this crap to get people to scoop? Like you, we always scoop. And what's this nonsense about the muzzle? Do they even make muzzles my size? And take a close look at the cute dog on the sign:

She's clearly wagging; is that also not allowed in Agra?

Needless to say, dogs in Agra are free to wag copiously, never wear muzzles, few are ever on leash, and poop hardly ever gets scooped, as is generally the rule in Italy. Lots of rules, always very particular and verbose, and nobody follows any of them.

The Swiss, on the other hand, are much more pragmatic. The snazzy poopy sticker below doesn't leave much room for interpretation. And it is aptly placed on a poopy bag dispenser, paid for by a yearly $50 doggy tax charged to every dog-owning family.


  1. Fortunately, there are not yet pooping rules for cats ! Purrs

  2. Well, I think the Swiss have it all figured out. Excellent scoop that poop post, Tootsie!

  3. I wish those Romans would have paid attentions to the signs! All over the Roman streets of our neighborhood it was watching the ground the whole way to avoid stepping on anything!

  4. A very descriptive sign. The dog on the sign is a happy dog :-) We hope everyone gets fine for not scooping their dogs poo. Golden Thanks for joining the hop and being a poop scooper, #ScoopThatPoop. Golden Woofs

  5. A poop bag dispenser for the general dog owning public to use? What a cool idea. Of course, around here someone would steal the bags and use them for baby's dirty diapers or something. The Italian sign is so funny with the happy hound NOT wearing a muzzle! BOL!

  6. We like the idea of the public bag dispenser - no excuses then!

  7. We like the Swiss approach, although the Italian sign is entertaining.


  8. In Germany the Hundesteuer was expensive! It was like $100 US per dog per year. No one picks up in Germany either. Here in the US dog tax in our town is $30 per dog for 3 years and everyone is good about picking up. I think if you go about it in a helpful friendly manner people are more likely to follow the rules, but when it is shoved down your throat like in Germany, people tend to revolt.

  9. Providing bags and a friendly sign is the best way to get cooperation. Being all rude about it makes people not care. Germans were that way and no o e picks up there.

  10. A $50 tax would pay for a lot of poopy bags. Or do you get other privileges too?
    Toodle pip!
    PS That pup on the Italian sign would appear to be bouncing as well as wagging. Anything but pooping in fact.

  11. I really like the idea of making the law to clean up after your dog mean you must be "equipped with dedicated means for the removal of possible feces." Officers frequently check for dogs licenses here so they should ask about that too! I am so glad that wagging is still allowed... in whatever country!

  12. I agree that poopys need to be picked up!


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