Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tootsie Tuesday: Auf Wiedersehen Sign

Mom's always posing me with stuff, especially signs. Here I am posing with a "bye" sign in Appenzell, because I'm a savvy sausage, and I know this kind of dodo photograph makes Mom super happy. But I'm closing my eyes, because sometimes it's good to take a nap while being held in the air.


  1. such a cute picture! happy fur moms day

    retro rover

  2. They should keep your picture instead of the frog on the sign, you're so cute ! Purrs

  3. Gosh Tootsie, that is very brave of you to take a nap while being held in the air. What touching confidence you must have that your Mom will not drop you. I would be keeping my eyes open if Gail were to start waving me around in front of signs like that…
    Toodle pip!

  4. BOL, sometimes my momma takes so many pictures of me I get bored and falls asleep too.

  5. Auf wiedersehen, Tootsie!! Momma sez dat means "until I see you again"... which will be soon, I hope!

    and you are SO much cuter than dat frog thing!


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