Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tootsie Thank You Tuesday

Dear Zack,

Thank you for sending your parents on a Euro adventure and to visit us. We missed you!

Dachshund Daddy took a selfie of all of us in Sils, Switzerland.

We took your parents on a few road trips and on walkies (of course). We went to the Grand Canyon of Switzerland. Your mom and my mom were super dubious about the designation, but then when we drove along a one-lane road above the canyon, they agreed it was pretty grand.

Before that drive, I supervised rock walkies along the Rhine River, which winds through the gorge (the "Swiss Grand Canyon"). Here's a photo of Mom with your parents -- Mom's uncle and aunt.

When we went to Sils, Switzerland, near St. Moritz, I tried to fly.

While at Sils, we took your dad on a hike up into the Fez Valley.

The drive from Sils to Samnaun, where we stayed, felt epic, but Dachshund Daddy assured everyone it would all work out. Can you believe that your dad visited Samnaun and skied there many dog years ago? Such a neat life-circle moment. Here's a picture of where we stayed.

Mom was super excited about the coffee the next morning.

Dachshund Daddy, Mom, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Doug were pretty excited about the breakfast; it was spectacular: muesli, fresh bread, cheese, fresh yogurt, freshly squeezed juice, eggs many ways, including an egg-it-yourself pan, croissants... but wait! I was under the table the whole time inside my EuroContinentalHouse, waiting for high-alpine walkies!

We took a gondola up to the mountains for walkies...

and I had a come-to-Jesus moment.

Here are your parents in the mountains.

Mom got barky barfy on the winding Swiss mountain rode home. She was carsick, so I donated my doggie poop bags to her cause. Mom was mortified, but I told Mom that "there are much worse things in the world than barking barfing in the backseat of a car."

I hope your parents had a wotten-waven Euro adventure, Zack. I'm sure you're wagging to have them home. Wags to all.



  1. what a wonderful time Zack's pawrets had in your wonderful country. Is that old house the one where Heidi lived with her grampy?

  2. You know, one of these days I KNOW you'll actually take flight.

  3. It looks like everyone had great time, despite the carsick incident ! It's so kind of you to donate your bags ! Purrs

  4. I had fun travelling with you too, if only via your blog!
    Toodle pip!


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