Monday, February 15, 2016

Bark-Life Balance

Mom locked me in the Casa Burrow bathroom, and I had to yip to be let out. I have a dog bed in the bathroom, so comfort was not an issue, but who locks a trusted companion in any room? Spaced-out parents? My parental units must know that I'm too low down to open the door. I ran around the house after I was released. My heart beat fast. Sometimes life is stressful for a little dog, so I took a nap. This restored my bark-life balance.


  1. Sorry you had to be locked up, but glad you have recovered.

  2. Tootsie, believe me you are not the only dog who has inadvertently been shut in the bathroom and had to yip their way out. I am a whole 17 inches high at the shoulder and it has happened to me too.
    Toodle pip!
    PS And please don't believe the thing about wire fox terriers not being more that 15 1/2 inches high. I mean, who appointed those breed standard folk anyway…?
    PPS Hope your nap restored your balance.

  3. OMD, I can't believes your momma would do such a thing. Once Momma closed the door to our dog door -- while Jessie was still in the backyard!!

  4. We're sorry to hear about it ! We're so glad you recovered, you deserve your nap ! Mum locked Pixie in the laundry room and she had to meow out loud for almost half an hour until Dad finally set her free. Purrs


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