Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flight Practice Begins in Earnest

Spring has sprung, so flight practice has started in earnest. Each year, I hope to fly. It takes more than hope, so each year, I practice. Each year, I fail. Each year, I try, again. This is my recent flight practice session on Monte Crocione above Lake Como, Italy.

Flight practice with cross. Very helpful.

Flight practice stall. Kind of a bummer.

What flight success might look like.


  1. Oh Tootsie dear Doggy Godmother, how it pains me to hear you use the word 'fail'. In continuing to reach for the heights, your journey is for sure an inspiring success story.
    Your ever affectionate Doggy Godson Bertie.

  2. Dear Bicontinental: Some elementary aeronautical advice; I see you are experimenting with, that important aeronautical principal, dihedral. That's good. It can meane the success or failure of an aviation enterprise. So in the first frame you are dialing in too much - like a pigeon. And in the second frame it appears you are trying to try a different tack, imitating , of all things a C-17(!) with negative dihedral to see if that works. (It doesn't). But keep trying Tootsie we admire your spunk!

  3. You're getting there! I KNOW you'll do it someday.

  4. Please don't say "fail", Tootsie : every time you're trying is one more step to success. You're so inspiring ! The third photo is the picture of success for us ! Purrs


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